Brooklyn 99 can still continue via a new spin-off that will follow a particular character — Captain Raymond Holt. A couple of years since Fox’s original cancelation of the cop-centric sitcom, NBC also pulled the plug on the project, resulting in its official ending in 2021. Since the show’s end was pre-planned, Brooklyn 99‘s producers and writers were able to craft a perfect send-off to 99tth Precinct as many of its members go through life changes which marked the end of an era for the squad. Despite this, however, the comedy could still move forward, but this time, through a prequel story.

It has been just a couple of years since Brooklyn 99 ended after season 8, but the show remains relevant as ever. Aside from a devoted fan base that includes some high-profile actors such as Mark Hamill and Lin Manuel Miranda, its popularity endured thanks to its availability on streaming platforms, not to mention re-runs. Given this, NBC, or any other broadcasting service, may be interested in reviving the show. Luckily, there’s an available narrative to do a Brooklyn 99 sitcom.

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A Captain Holt Brooklyn Nine-Nine Prequel Could Work

The events of Brooklyn 99 were kicked off with the arrival of Captain Holt at the titular police station. There was some initial tension between him and some of his subordinates, but over time, everyone warmed up to each other. Through the years, the whole precinct developed a great sense of camaraderie, but a series of promotions and big decisions effectively ended their time working together. In the Brooklyn 99 series finale, Holt was promoted to deputy commissioner. While this was a great place to leave the character, his past, which was relatively unexplored, could be the launching pad for a new spin-off.

Brooklyn 99 featured flashbacks from Holt’s long history in the police force through its run. As such, a viable way to approach an offshoot would be to tackle his start in the police force, his difficulties, and his triumphs. While the show’s flashbacks had Andre Braugher play the younger version of Holt, the potential Brooklyn 99 spin-off could cast a young actor that would allow it to explore the beginnings of his career. Going this route would allow the project to tackle some of Holt’s greatest anecdotes, such as his romance with Kevin and rivalry with Madeline Wuntch.

Why No Other Brooklyn Nine-Nine Spinoff Makes Sense

Aside from doing a prequel series about Captain Holt’s past, there isn’t any other majorly viable option for another standalone Brooklyn 99 spin-off. Since the show is truly an ensemble, it would be difficult to launch a series based on a single character. For example, Boyle’s life is pretty standard – if not bordering on boring – without the rest of the crew, and Jake no longer works in the police force. The franchise could try following Captain Holt and Amy’s adventures in their new jobs, but it would be difficult to do that without bringing back Jake as well, considering her ties to her husband.

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