The MCU introduction of one of Marvel’s biggest multiverse teams, led by different versions of Captain Britain, could tie together multiple projects in the Multiverse Saga. After the ending of the Infinity Saga, Marvel Studios has been exploring the concept of the multiverse in the MCU, expanding on this storyline in projects such as Loki, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Even though Phases 5 and 6 promise to uncover the mysteries of the multiverse, one major multiverse team has yet to be revealed.


With the help of the multiverse, Phase 4 was able to put new spins on many of the MCU’s established heroes. Loki saw the debut of several Loki variants, No Way Home marked the return of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, and Multiverse of Madness featured Earth-838’s Illuminati, comprised of variants from another reality. This idea is set to become very important to the MCU’s future, with more multiversal teams rumored to be appearing, such as the Council of Reeds. However, one of Marvel Comics’ biggest multiversal teams is still nowhere to be seen.

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The Captain Britain Corps Are A Major Multiverse Team In Marvel Comics

captain britain corps in marvel comics

While Brian Braddock debuted as Captain Britain in Marvel Comics’ 1976 run of Captain Britain #1, it wasn’t until 1984’s The Mighty World of Marvel #13 when the Captain Britain Corps were introduced. Founded by Merlyn, his daughter Roma, and Sir James Braddock, the Captain Britain Corps is made up of many different versions of Captain Britain from throughout the multiverse. Each version of Captain Britain is imbued with power from a matrix of “exotic particles”, a phenomenon that occurs at weak points between dimensions, which are present at each reality’s version of the British Isles.

The Captain Britain Corps often come together to protect the multiverse and guard the gateways between dimensions, making them one of the most prominent multiverse teams. From the 616-universe, three heroes have taken up the moniker of Captain Britain and have been gifted the powers of the matrix, starting with Brian Braddock, his twin sister Betsy, and finally Kelsey Leigh Kirkland. While the members of the Captain Britain Corps aren’t variants of each other, they would be the perfect fit for the live-action MCU.

Brian Braddock Was Teased During Avengers: Endgame

steve rogers and peggy carter in avengers endgame 1970s

The MCU’s Brian Braddock, a.k.a. Captain Britain, was seemingly teased during Avengers: Endgame, which saw Steve Rogers and Tony Stark travel back to the SHIELD’s Camp Lehigh base in 1970. When Steve catches a glimpse of his lost love, Peggy Carter, she can be heard reporting that “Braddock hasn’t checked in recently,” which could be pointing to the existence of Brian Braddock in the MCU. In the comics, Braddock became Captain Britain after becoming seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, so perhaps his unresponsiveness was due to this accident.

Peggy could have been referring to Braddock’s father, Sir James Braddock, a founding member of the Captain Britain Corps, but even this would tease the debut of Brian Braddock as Captain Britain in the MCU. Phase 4’s What If…? saw Peggy Carter take the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers, becoming Captain Carter, who later had an appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Despite her British roots, Peggy wasn’t named Captain Britain, meaning there is still space for Captain Britain to debut in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, especially after his introduction was set up during Avengers: Endgame.

How Can The Captain Britain Corps Set Up The MCU’s X-Men?

psylocke as captain britain in marvel comics

While Brian Braddock was Marvel Comics’ original Captain Britain for the 616-universe, his twin sister eventually took up the moniker following Brian’s defeat at the hands of an alternate Captain Britain. Though Betsy Braddock’s time as Captain Britain was short-lived, leading to her being blinded in a confrontation with the supervillain Slaymaster, this was far from the end of her career as a superhero, as Betsy was born a mutant. After Brian returned to the role of Captain Britain, Betsy would go on to become a member of the X-Men, and assume the identity of Psylocke, thanks to her telepathy and ability to create weapons out of psychic energy.

Psylocke was previously portrayed by both Meiling Melançon and Olivia Munn in Fox’s X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men: Apocalypse, respectively, but could be the perfect mutant to introduce into the MCU alongside Captain Britain. Betsy’s Captain Britain story in Marvel Comics is incredibly short, which lends itself perfectly to a small adaptation into the MCU, debuting the character and laying the groundwork of the Captain Britain Corps for the future of the Multiverse Saga. This could also mean the character can finally be done justice, as both iterations in Fox’s X-Men franchise received criticism.

Where Could The Captain Britain Corps Debut In The MCU?

brian braddock as captain britain in the mcu

There might be no better place for the introduction of the Captain Britain Corps than the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, since the group are key to protecting the multiverse. In fact, recent speculation has placed former-Superman actor Henry Cavill in the role of Brian Braddock following his dismissal from James Gunn’s new DC Universe, though this hasn’t been confirmed. There are several upcoming projects in Marvel Studios’ Phases 5 and 6 which could see the debut of the Captain Britain Corps, and the group could even see their own project developed for one of the empty slots in the MCU’s Phase 6.

British actor Olivia Colman’s role in the upcoming Secret Invasion Disney+ series could make a connection to Captain Britain, especially since Captain Britain has a huge role to play in the British-set moments of Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion storyline. It’s possible that Captain America: New World Order could hint at the debut of Captain Britain alongside the MCU’s new Captain America, which could potentially lead into Thunderbolts. It’s more likely that Brian Braddock, if he is to be introduced at all, will see his MCU debut as Captain Britain at some point during Phase 6, however, setting up a crossover with the Avengers at the end of the Multiverse Saga.

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