Even though Goku is famous for his signature attack, the Kamehameha, there is one Dragon Ball fighter who simply uses it better than he does–something that was proven true when this fighter-in-question used the Kamehameha to obliterate an opponent that was believed to be a god (and no, it isn’t Gohan).

While Goku certainly made the Kamehameha his own over the years, the technique actually didn’t even originate with him. The attack was created by Master Roshi, and it took him fifty years to do it. Goku first saw the Kamehameha in action after asking Master Roshi to help extinguish the fires of Fire Mountain, and at that point, Goku knew he needed to train with this martial arts master and learn this technique. Before long, Goku mastered the attack to the point where he could fire it one-handed and even from his feet. Not only that, but Goku has been able to increase the power of the Kamehameha Wave throughout his many transformations–even getting to the point where he can use it to obliterate a planet in a single blast, and even shoot someone all the way to the sun from the surface of the Earth. But, now it seems it’s time for Goku to do as Master Roshi had done, and pass the technique he spent his life mastering down to the next generation of fighters who can wield it better than he ever could.


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Pan has a Better Kamehameha than Goku, & GT Proves It

Pan uses the Kamehameha in GT.

In Dragon Ball GT episode 51 (written by Atsushi Maekawa, directed by Osamu Kasai, produced by Toei Animation), Goku and Pan are tracking down the seven Shadow Dragons who were born of the Minus Energy emitted by the Dragon Balls. Minus Energy is what is created with every wish upon the Dragon Balls, and each time a wish is granted, that Minus Energy gives life to a Shadow Dragon. A few episodes prior, the Dragon Balls became too full of the Minus Energy, and they released the Shadow Dragons–and these evil creatures didn’t waste any time wreaking havoc upon the Earth. In this episode, Pan and Goku have found the location of the Six-Star Shadow Dragon–but this one isn’t like the others.

While the other Shadow Dragons have been more like, well, dragons, this one took the form of a beautiful young woman who had the power to make it rain fish upon a local fishing village, making the people there exuberantly wealthy. In return, these people worshiped her as a god–only there was a sinister catch. The Shadow Dragon’s Minus Energy was corrupting the village, turning them all violent and aggressive towards one another. If the Six-Star Shadow Dragon had stayed there for much longer, she would have assuredly caused these people to murder each other while she’d just sit back and enjoy the tragic calamity of her own making–which is why, with a single Kamehameha blast, Pan took great pleasure in obliterating this villain and collecting the Dragon Ball that gave it life.

In the middle of the fight, when Goku was getting his but kicked, Pan announces that she had been holding back all along–and when she releases all her power into the massive Kamehameha, the Shadow Dragon’s body starts to break down into nothing. For comparison, Goku shot a number of Kamehamehas at the Shadow Dragon, and they had no effect. At this point in the series, Goku has the power of Super Saiyan 4–meaning even his weakest Kamehameha should be stronger than that of practically anyone else. But, in a single instant during a fight against a creature who might as well have been an elder god, Dragon Ball’s Pan proved to have a better Kamehameha than Goku (and, by extension, Gohan).

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