Proof of Innocence is a quest found in the town of Timberrain in Octopath Traveler 2. When players reach the location, it depends on which character they choose first, with each hero guided toward different cities and quests. However, only certain main characters have the means to finish this side quest.

Proof of Innocence uses Octopath Traveler 2’s two main game features: the day/night cycle and path actions. The former causes NPCs to react differently or be in alternate locations. The latter are specific character moves used in town to further interact with people and surroundings.


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How To Locate The Proof of Innocence Quest

Octopath Traveler 2: Proof Of Innocence Quest Guide

As seen in a Youtube video by AMHarbinge, players can learn about the Proof of Innocence quest by speaking to the guard Meylan outside the Timberrain courthouse. It is only during the daytime that he will reveal the plight of the incarcerated innkeeper, Bianco. Meylan will have an entirely different conversation if approached during the evening. For the quest, he tasks the player hero with finding a witness or other evidence to clear Bianco of his crime.

Guiding NPCs

Ochette in Ocotopath Traveler 2

Just a few steps to the left of Meylan will be the Sickly Woman standing on a bridge. She needs to be convinced to accompany the Octopath Traveler 2 party. Only certain characters at various parts of the day can win her over, using their specific path action. Each also has a secondary requirement, like an item or money.



Path Action





Jerky item




Percentage chance




Sufficient level




Sufficient leave currency

A team made entirely of Castti, Throne, Osvald, and Hikari cannot complete the quest and will need to return with at least one of the above party members. Previously met heroes can be swapped in at any nearby tavern by speaking to the barkeep. However, if none of the above four have been recruited, players must leave Timberrain and venture to the city where their corresponding Octopath Traveler 2 story begins.

Using Partitio is not worth it since spending leaves cuts into the net profits of doing the quest. Agnea is an option, but every time she fails to convince anyone to join up, a player’s reputation will fall in the entire city. The most direct is to rely on Temenos, as it will already be daytime when first accepting the job; level 10 should be high enough. Alternately, if it has already become nighttime, a single piece of jerky is both common and cheap in Octopath Traveler 2, making Ochette another option.

Once the Sickly Woman is following the party, bring her back to Meylan. A cutscene will play out, and the judge will find Bianco innocent. Meylan will reward the party with 11,000 leaves, an Olive of Life, and a Nourishing Nut. The third item can permanently raise one Octopath Traveler 2 character’s max hitpoints. Proof of Innocence is just one step of an ongoing quest chain from Meylan. Speaking to him later will also open up future quests to punish the guilty and bring true justice to an old crime.

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Source: AMHarbinger/YouTube

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