Rivers of Blood builds may be dominant in Elden Ring, but it’s the perfect time for players to start respecing into other stats for their Tarnished.

Choosing which stats to level-up in Elden Ring is one of the few things harder than fighting the game’s bosses. Players have myriad options when specing their Tarnished’s stats; whether they want to play as a Dexterity-focused samurai or an Intelligence-specialized wizard, they can do so and be successful in the Lands Between. What makes choosing a character build even harder is that it’s wise to stick to one throughout a playthrough, as an Elden Ring stat respec becomes more difficult and costly as the game progresses. However, Elden Ring has reached a state where it’s the perfect time to consider other character builds.


Elden Ring’s meta finds itself in stagnancy. Ever since the 1.04 and 1.07 updates buffed the Arcane stat, “Rivers of Blood” builds have become dominant in both PvE and PvP play. It’s only fair players have gravitated toward this Dexterity-Arcane build as they have. FromSoftware made at least eight major patches to Elden Ring in 2022, each time tweaking the game’s meta. Players have reasonably responded by taking advantage of whichever builds are the most clearly benefited by all these changes – namely Bleed and Mage builds. Now, it’s the perfect time to reset Elden Ring stats thanks to the Colosseum update.

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It’s Time For A Stats Respec Between Elden Ring DLCs

Two players in combat in Elden Ring's Colosseum update. One is wearing sharp silver armor inlaid with red stones and the other a more golden silver armor and carrying a gold disc weapon

But now that Elden Ring’s meta likely won’t be changing anytime soon, it’s the perfect time for players to respec their stats and experiment with other character builds. The future of Elden Ring DLCs following the Colosseum update remains unclear except that Director Hidetaka Miyazaka shared at TGA 2022 that he and FromSoftware “still has several more things we want to do” (qtd. in GameRevolution). Until these future plans are realized, Elden Ring players have a stronger PvP system and more stable meta than ever before, making it a great time to reset stats and weapon choices to see if they make more creative choices with their characters.

How To Reset Stats In Elden Ring – Respecs Explained

Players need to fulfill certain requirements before respecing their stats in Elden Ring. The first requirement is defeating Rennala, the final boss of the Raya Lucaria dungeon. Though Elden Ring bosses are notoriously difficult, Rennala is luckily a cakewalk, as shown by Tyrannicon’s video. Defeating her gives the Tarnished access to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, where Rennala uses her Golden Egg to “birth people anew” – or, respec their stats.

Players will need to help her in this process by obtaining a Larval Tear. Larval Tears are infinite in supply, but they are hard to come by. Due to their association with artificial lifeforms, they can usually be found in the Village of Albinaurics, the Eternal Cities, or the Carian Manor. After a Larval Tear is obtained, they can give it one to Rennala to reset their Elden Ring stats.

As for what players should respec into, Elden Ring‘s katana and magic builds are the most dominant, but there are other off-kilter picks that can counter them. For instance, Strength builds that utilize Great Swords and heavy armor are fairly effective against players who try to do poise damage with soceries or Keen weapons like the Moonveil. An even better pick would be Sleep builds that make use of Arcane or Intelligence stats to literally put enemies to sleep. Regardless of what players pick, the possibilities of character builds in Elden Ring are almost endless, so they should take advantage of the game’s current state to try more of them out.

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