Kazuya has been a key part of almost every Tekken since the 1994 original and was already in multiple Tekken 8 trailers (and even its short teaser). However, this latest one is focused solely on this member of the Mishima family, demonstrating his electrical and devil abilities.

Viewers will likely notice many familiar moves, as Kazuya appears to have many similar attacks seen in prior entries, like his iconic Wind God Fist and Dragon Uppercut attacks. Some of these combos incorporate his Devil form, while others show off Tekken 8‘s new multilayered Heat system, which members from the team recently broke down in painstaking detail. Both of these combine for his Rage Art that has him shooting a laser at the victim before slamming them back down to the ground.

The trailer still didn’t have a more concise release window or exact date. However, it appears as though Bandai Namco is building up the roster before it announces the official launch details.

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