New Clark Kent frontrunner for Superman: Legacy, David Corenswet, looks even more like former Superman actor Henry Cavill in new fan art for James Gunn’s upcoming reboot of the Man of Steel. Cavill left the role shortly after having returned in 2022’s Black Adam as Superman. That choice was made due to Superman: Legacy‘s story being focused on a younger Clark Kent. New Superman: Legacy casting reports have recently emerged, pointing out Corenswet as a frontrunner for the Superman role. The actor bears a striking resemblance to Cavill, and a new fan art makes that even more evident.


On Twitter, artist @21xfour shared their vision for what Corenswet could look like as the lead of 2025’s Superman: Legacy, and the Cavill comparisons gained another strong argument.

Corenswet has been fancast as the new Superman for years, and if the actor ends up getting the role, it will be the second time the superhero realm sees a popular fancast become true in recent years. John Krasinski got to play Reed Richards in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness after a similar situation.

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What We Know Of Superman: Legacy’s Casting Process

Montage of Superman: Legacy frontrunners David Corenswet and Nicholas Hoult at each side of a Superman from the comics.

After the new casting reports for Superman: Legacy came out, Gunn commented on the news by saying that he “would never comment on who is or isn’t AUDITIONING,” with his remark making it clear that the casting process is nowhere close to being done. Gunn also confirmed that only one actor has been cast for Superman: Legacy at the moment, and their character is not “any of the regular players in the Superman world.”

The Superman: Legacy casting reports paint an interesting picture of where the movie might be headed, offering the first new bits of information on the Superman reboot in some time. Corenswet is a frontrunner for Superman, with the actor said to be screen testing for the role in early June at the latest. Nicholas Hoult could possibly be up for Superman or Lex Luthor, as reports conflict on which role the actor is up for. Hoult as Luthor would be an interesting pick, and the actor might have to bulk up for the part, as a different version of Lex Luthor in Superman: Legacy might be in play.

Superman: Legacy‘s shortlist of actresses for the role of Lois Lane carries inspired choices. The list is made up of Phoebe Dynevor (Bridgerton), Samara Weaving (Ready or Not), Emma Mackey (Sex Education), and Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) — the latter being reported to have delivered an outstanding audition for Lois. Given Superman: Legacy‘s January 2024 filming start, the movie’s cast will need to be locked by the end of the year. Going by that and the estimated date for Corenswet’s screen test, it is possible that the Superman: Legacy cast will be announced during San Diego Comic-Con 2023 in July.

Source: @21xfour/Twitter

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