A new study reveals Rick & Morty has a surprising statistic about the show’s audience. Rick & Morty has become a cultural phenomenon with 6 seasons of wild adventures, hilarious characters, and surprisingly deep introspection into the human psyche. The show has garnered a large audience over the years with a dedicated audience, but some of its viewers are unexpectedly furry.

A study conducted by Betway Insider reveals that watching Rick & Morty actually helps keep anxiety levels in dogs to a minimum.

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The study exposed a group of dogs to various shows with different genres and monitored their rest time, sleep quality, and anxiety levels. The results gave some keen insight into what media appeals to dogs. Rick & Morty‘s exciting animation and expressive dialogue got mixed reviews for rest time and sleep quality with one participant getting 52 minutes of rest from one hour of watch time and another only getting 10 minutes. The show did surprisingly well with anxiety in dogs, coming in with the lowest levels.

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What Dogs Want To Watch

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Of the other shows used in the study, Bridgerton came in the best overall with the highest average for rest times and sleep quality and the second-lowest anxiety levels. Bridgerton‘s colorful costumes, slow pace, and soothing instrumental music seem well-suited for the canine senses. Following that are Friends and Pup Academy. While the results were in the middle, they had much higher anxiety levels in dogs. In Pup Academy‘s case, seeing other dogs on screen may be too exciting, and captures their attention too much for sleep.

The Witcher did not do well in helping with relaxation with dogs, as its rest time and sleep quality both came in last. It seems the monsters in The Witcher and the sounds of fighting are just too intense for dogs to fall asleep to. The same goes for Stranger Things, which had the same issues of monsters and moments of intensity. Shows with calming and less threatening elements are more agreeable and help the dogs relax. While shows with horror elements set off their fight or flight and keep the dogs awake.

According to the results of this study, a peaceful ambiance and the absence of monsters assist in helping to relax dogs. Tuning into the newest episode of Rick & Morty can now be a bonding experience with your canine friend when the series returns for season 7.

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Source: Betway Insider

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