The Masked Singer season 9 Sesame Street Night features performances from Squirrel and two new characters, and a new teaser reveals who they are. Squirrel advanced to the next round of the competition on DC Superheroes Night. She sang, “Try” by Pink, and successfully beat Wolf (Michael Bolton) and Gargoyle. After Squirrel and Gargoyle went head-to-head in the Battle Royale, the panelists chose Squirrel to move on. However, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg rang the Ding Dong Keep In On Bell and saved Gargoyle.

In a new teaser for The Masked Singer season 9, shared on YouTube via Masked Clips, Squirrel’s competitors were revealed to be Jackalope and Fairy.

The Masked Singer teaser begins with a recap of the previous week’s theme nights. A voiceover then says, “FOX Wednesday, be there for the most special night of all, when our favorite friends come to play.” Clips of beloved characters including Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, and Grover are shown. In addition, Squirrel sings to The Count. Elmo announces, “Sesame Street is here!

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Two New Masked Singer Characters Will Compete Against Squirrel

The Masked Singer performers Jackalope, Fairy, and Squirrel

The preview continues with the introduction of Jackalope and Fairy. The voiceover says, “Plus two new costumes with voices bigger than Big Bird.” A short clip of Fairy on The Masked Singer stage singing the line, “Baby you’re no good” from the song “You’re No Good” then plays. In response, Oscar shouts, “You’re too good! I’m outta here!” as he slams down the lid to his trash can and leaves. The Masked Singer panelist Nicole Scherzinger laughs as she says, “Oh no!” Farmer Wants A Wife host Jennifer Nettles is the guest panelist for the episode, and viewers can catch a glimpse of her in the teaser as well.

The Masked Singer season 9 has continued to feature theme nights each week after they debuted during season 8. So far, the show has celebrated Opening Night, ABBA Night, New York Night, and DC Superheroes Night. Sesame Street Night is up next, followed by 80s, Country, Movie, and Space Nights. The theme nights have been a fantastic addition to the show because they are not only fun and exciting, but they give hints to the contestants’ identities. Having Jennifer on the panel will also be a real treat.

The Masked Singer Sesame Street Night seems as though it will be another wonderful theme night. Last season’s Muppets Night was one of the best of all. The characters are funny and sweet, and light up the Masked Singer stage. It will be thrilling to see if Squirrel can hold on to her crown, or if Jackalope or Fairy will move on to the next round of The Masked Singer. Sesame Street Night is guaranteed to bring sunny days to the show.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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