A new teaser for Fear the Walking Dead season 8 reveals a closer look at PADRE, the shady organization Madison works for that took Morgan’s daughter.

A new Fear the Walking Dead season 8 teaser trailer reveals a closer look at Morgan and Madison’s conflict with PADRE, the mysterious organization that was first featured at the end of Fear the Walking Dead season 7. In season 7, episode 16, Madison and Morgan were blindfolded and taken onto a PADRE ship, with Morgan posing as a Collector to be invited aboard. His mission is to rescue Mo, his adoptive daughter whom he had been raising with Grace.

In a clip from the official Fear the Walking Dead Twitter account, more of PADRE is seen, but the group still remains shrouded in mystery.

The teaser sees Morgan, Madison, Dwight, and other major characters gearing up to take on PADRE. Voice clips from the new episodes indicate the first half of Fear the Walking Dead season 8 will center around an active conflict with PADRE and their forces.

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What Is PADRE’s Role In The Walking Dead Universe?

Morgan in fear the walking dead season 8

While the teaser confirms a high-stakes conflict with PADRE will happen in Fear the Walking Dead season 8, the group themselves haven’t had much revealed about them. Madison is working with PADRE, capturing children for an unknown purpose. Another recent teaser for season 8 indicates that Madison may have been bitten by a Walker, and that PADRE has some kind of treatment keeping her alive so long as she continues working with them. If that’s the case, then PADRE may end up being a key group as The Walking Dead‘s universe expands.

Fear the Walking Dead ending will coincide with the release of three spinoff shows following major characters from The Walking Dead after the events of the flagship series. Because the franchise is growing into an interconnected TV universe, it’s possible that PADRE will usher Fear the Walking Dead‘s characters into the wider world. PADRE’s interest in kidnappings children is reminiscent of the CRM, a militarized group that has captured many survivors, including The Walking Dead‘s former protagonist, Rick Grimes. It’s possible that PADRE has ties to the CRM, and their focus on capturing children is a branch of the CRM’s operations.

However, it’s unclear how long PADRE will be around for in Fear the Walking Dead season 8. It was previously confirmed that the second half of the season will take place after a massive, seven-year time jump, which will bring Fear the Walking Dead‘s characters to the same time period as The Walking Dead‘s final episodes. It’s possible that PADRE doesn’t survive this time jump, meaning they may not be seen outside the first half of the season. Though it’s equally likely that Fear the Walking Dead‘s next antagonist group is the last, and will have major ramifications on The Walking Dead universe as a whole.

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