Get a first look at Funko’s newest collection of Cocaine Bear pop dolls, as well as a closer look the sold-out Mondo poster, all for ages 18 and up.

Screen Rant is thrilled to provide a more detailed look at the new Funko collection for Cocaine Bear. The R-rated film is a wild ride that follows a bear who has accidentally gotten itself hooked on drugs after a wayward smuggler drops far too many pounds of cocaine near its habitat. Given the already viral popularity of the premise, the beloved toy company prepared a couple of fantastic Pop! dolls and a glorious Mondo poster to celebrate its release.

As Cocaine Bear is a film for mature audiences only, Funko’s collectibles inspired by it are naturally intended for consumers aged 18 and up. Screen Rant announced the collection earlier this week, but now official photos are available for fans to fully enjoy. Check out the fantastic products below, and stop by the official online shop to learn more!

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Cocaine Bear Gets The Funko Treatment

Cocaine Bear Mondo Poster

While the stunning screen-printed Mondo poster by We Buy Your Kids is already sold out — and in just one day at that — it’s still available online to admire. The red-eyed beast at the center of the poster is clearly in the middle of a drug-fueled rage, but the color palette and design help evoke the funky ’80s vibe given off by the film itself. Though this particular Mondo artwork is not currently available, several others can be found at their online shop. Should it go on sale again, more details can be found below:

  • Artwork by We Buy Your Kids.
  • 18″ x 24″. Edition of 170.
  • Printed by DL Screenprinting.
  • Ships worldwide (expected June 2023).
  • This product is for 18+ audiences only.
  • MSRP: $50

Cocaine Bear Pop Doll Pose

As for the new Cocaine Bear Funko Pop! offerings, the fuzzy black bear can be seen holding a brick of cocaine between its teeth. The red duffel bag at its feet is already an iconic prop thanks to the movie’s release this week, and audiences know exactly what will happen when the animal ingests it. The second Pop! doll showcases the aftereffects, with blood smeared over the bear’s snout and a dismembered limb (those who have seen the film know whose) in its paw.

Cocaine Bear Regular Pop Doll

While Cocaine Bear may be a special breed of film, Funko has previously come out with similarly R-rated Pop! dolls, including WWE Edge superstar Adam Copeland. Given that adults enjoy collecting these figures as much as any kid, it would be a treat to see future projects given the same rollout. And if Elizabeth Banks gets to make another animal-on-drugs movie after Cocaine Bear, there will certainly be more adorable yet terrifying creatures to choose from.

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