Chicago Fire season 11, episode 21 trailer reveals what happens after Sam Carver’s arrest. As a fairly new addition to One Chicago, assimilating to the closely-knit Firehouse 51 hasn’t been a walk in the park for the character. But if there’s any doubt if he fits in with Chief Boden’s team, NBC appears to be dismantling it.


In a new Chicago Fire season 11, episode 21, “Change of Plans,” trailer, Carver deals with the fallout of his arrest, and it seems like things are only going to get worse for him. Watch the clip from Spoiler TV below:

Previously in Chicago Fire, the pair dealt with a dangerous man who has become obsessed with Kidd. Carver has warned her about him, so when the perpetrator arrived unannounced at her apartment complex, Kidd called her subordinate for help. Unfortunately, the stalker turned it on Carver when the police came. ‘

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Will Carver Beat His Arrest In Chicago Fire Season 11?

Carver and Kidd on the job in Chicago Fire season 11

With only a couple of episodes left in Chicago Fire season 11, certain plot lines are starting to culminate. Admittedly, it’s surprising that NBC and Wolf Entertainment are introducing this rather complicated narrative late in the year. However, it’s also worth noting that given Taylor Kinney’s last-minute request for time off, the One Chicago show had to scramble to re-write the rest of season 11.

Considering Kelly Severide’s continued absence, and details about Chicago Fire season 11 finale confirming that he won’t be back yet, the writers needed to give Kidd a different storyline. She couldn’t simply wallow in despair because her new husband has been unexpectedly pulled for an out-of-town camp. Developing her friendship with Carver this way is a great route to do that. Based on what’s known about the upcoming season-capper, however, it doesn’t seem like his issue will last very long. That’s unless Chicago Fire is planning on getting him out of Firehouse 51.

There have been previous hints of a romantic angle between Carver and Kidd. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Seeing their friendship blossom has been fun to watch. In fact, they are arguably the best Chicago Fire pairing recently. It’s great to see that both have each other’s backs. So while Carver deals with this issue, expect that Kidd will be with him all the way.

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