Warning! Spoilers for Uncanny Avengers #1The Uncanny Avengers are returning to Marvel Comics, and the new roster debuts with an R-rated killing spree, instigated by the mutant ninja Psylocke. With the world of the X-Men upturned by the tragic events of the Hellfire Gala, Captain America reforms the Avengers Unity Squad, a team of heroes blending members from the X-Men and the Avengers.

Uncanny Avengers #1 – by Gerry Duggan, Javier Garron and Morry Hollowell – spins out of the traumatic start to the Fall of X, which began with the “Mutant Massacre” at the hands of mutant-hating organization Orchis. According to solicitations shared by AIPT Comics, the new United Squad’s roster will include Deadpool, Rogue, Quicksilver, Psylocke and Penance, and the team is taking no prisoners.

The Uncanny Avengers Assemble For Psylocke’s Orchis Killing Spree


Solicitations for the new Uncanny Avengers describe the series as focusing on a series of false-flag attacks meant to whip up anti-mutant hysteria.” To combat the bad press and figures out who is engineering these attacks, Captain America re-forms the Avengers Unity Squad. The original Uncanny Avengers launched in 2012 in the fallout of the mega crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men, and boasted a roster featuring Captain America, Havok, Thor, Rogue, the Scarlet Witch and Wolverine. The team came about after Captain America decided to take Cyclops’ words to heart when the X-Men leader challenged Cap about not doing enough for mutants.

The New Uncanny Avengers Are The Deadliest Incarnation Yet


The newly created team will have to “solve the mystery of who the new, murderous Captain Krakoa is – and stop his team of killers from igniting the fires of a new world war,” in addition to fighting against Orchis. The preview for Uncanny Avengers #1 starts with Psylocke and teammate Monet St. Clair/Penance staging an attack on an Orchis Filtration Center, where mutants are given an injection robbing them of their mutant powers. The resulting scene is an R-rated action set-piece featuring a level of violence and brutality that serve as a stark reminder to fans that Psylocke was trained as a ninja assassin long before she became a superhero.

uncanny avengers fight

Although understandable given all the X-Men have been through at the hands of Orchis, it will be interesting to see if Psylocke’s violent rage will clash with Captain America’s moral values. Given that the team also includes the assassin Deadpool, Cap will have his hands full if he wants this new team to bring in the bad guys, as opposed to putting them in the ground. Whatever the case, readers will not want to miss the new Uncanny Avengers series from writer Gerry Duggan, where they can expect to continue finding out how far mutants like Psylocke will be pushed in the Fall of X storyline.

Uncanny Avengers #1 is on sale August 16, 2023 from Marvel Comics

Source: AIPT Comics

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