Warning! Spoilers for Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1!The new era of Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories unfolding in Boom! Studios Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer has confirmed that its protagonist, Vampire Slayer and daughter of witches Thessaly Maclay-Rosenberg, is the most lethal Slayer of all time, at least according to well-versed source Spike, who has fought against and alongside more Slayers than any other vampire in history.

Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 – written by Casey Gilly, with art by Oriol Roig, and lettering by Ed Dukeshire – commences a new five-issue miniseries set in the dark Buffyverse future established in 2021’s Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer. The issue acclimates readers to the setting with a video presentation, starring Thessaly, Spike, and Buffy. In the video, Spike says point-blank: “Never has there been a deadlier or more effective Slayer.

Thessaly Is A Slayer With Strong Magical Abilities

buffy last vampire slayer 1 panels, thessaly is most powerful slayer

Thessaly was introduced in Buffy the Last Vampire Slayer, where readers learned – alongside Buffy herself – of Willow and Tara’s deaths. In addition to having been called as a Slayer, Thessaly has the magical abilities of her parents, both powerful witches in their own right. The combination makes Thessaly the most powerful Slayer almost by default; her fighting abilities, especially in Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer following five years of being trained by Spike and Buffy Summers, raise her to a level unparalleled in Slayer lore as it has been depicted previously, first in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series as well as subsequent Buffy media.

The Buffyverse’s Darkest Era Needs The Strongest Slayer Ever

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In Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1, Thessaly lives a dystopian version of Buffy Summers life in the 1990s when viewers were first introduced to her. Adjusting a new town, falling in love, trying to balance the responsibilities of being a Vampire Slayer in a world where the sun is dying and vampires are no longer kept in check by daylight. Where Buffy was still reckoning with her role as the Slayer; The Last Vampire Slayer #1 finds Thessaly fully immersed in Slaying, already able to access a much greater power-level while still early in her career. Adding in her magical abilities, Thessaly is more than a match for any average vampire.

Which is to say, it stands to reason that the Big Bad of Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer, when they are introduced, will likely have a power-set that rivals, or neutralizes, Thessaly’s. One that will push the new, deadliest Slayer to her limit, and give her reason to prove she is the true successor to Buffy Summers. As with any Buffy story, it will be the character’s will, not just her strength, that determines the outcome of any struggle. And of course, she has the support of classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters like Spike, and Buffy herself, to help the “last,” deadliest Vampire Slayer save the world yet again.

Buffy: The Last Vampire Slayer #1 is available now from Boom! Studios

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