Rumors of Netflix shutting down in 2023 are beginning to swirl again and some users are starting to panic. “Will Netflix shut down this year?” has become a common search. Here’s the need-to-know info about the Netflix shutdown rumors and whether or not there’s anything that subscribers should be worried about.

Is Netflix shutting down in 2023?

While Netflix is not shutting down in 2023, its DVD rental service is ending in September.

As explained in an official blog post, Netflix is closing down its DVD rental service after 25 years. The final DVDs will be shipped out on September 29, 2023.

As for the Netflix streaming service, it will continue to run during 2023 and beyond. Anyone worried by the rumors of Netflix shutting down in 2023 should not be concerned, as it’s only the DVD rental service shutting down, and I’d wager that most subscribers don’t use (or aren’t even aware of) it.

When will Netflix shut down?

Netflix will shut down when its services are either made obsolete and/or no longer desired by enough customers.

If a competing service manages to offer a better service, Netflix may struggle to survive. Likewise, if streaming subscriptions become unpopular or are made obsolete by a new technology, Netflix could crumble.

Of course, Netflix will be working on ways to ensure its long-term survival, so users can expect to see the company adapting to new trends and attempting to incorporate new technologies.

Concerns inspired by Netflix stock plummeting in 2022 have now been somewhat alleviated by a trajectory of steady recovery. With that said, there is still a while to climb before it matches that 2021 peak.

Rather than shutting down, Netflix is only getting bigger with its selection of movies. Here are the 100 best new movies coming to the service in 2023. Extraction 2 is one of the bigger highlights.

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