Beloved Kpop group NCT Dream joins hands with Youtube sensations Rhett and Link for today’s installment of their hit daily show, Good Mythical Morning, and Screen Rant is proud to present a clip from the episode. A subunit of SM’s ever-expanding NCT, NCT Dream debuted in 2016 with members Mark Lee, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung. The 7-member team recently released an English-language version of their popular song “Beatbox” and wrapped a successful world tour, and they are now continuing their American promotions in high spirits.


Good Mythical Morning is the most-watched daily show on the internet and is highly acclaimed as well, having received “Show of the Year” Streamy Awards in both 2019 and 2022. Rhett and Link, operating under their company Mythical Entertainment, have built an audience of 77 million subscribers over the last decade and accumulated 29 billion views. As Youtube juggernauts, they are a perfect match for the talented and hysterical NCT Dream members.

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Good Mythical Morning Warmly Welcomes NCT Dream

nct dream handshake with rhett & link

After celebrating the milestone of having the most guests ever at one time in an episode of Good Mythical Morning, the members of NCT Dream are assigned a dance to send down the line like a physical game of telephone to see how it evolves. In Screen Rant‘s clip, the triumphant team of hosts and idols alike shows off their final product with a mixture of pride and humor. Check out the full episode below:

Mythical Entertainment’s sure-fire recipe consists of comedy, variety, culinary, and gaming shows. The above clip already proves what delightful hosts they make for NCT Dream, and fans of both the iconic Rhett & Link duo and the dreamy Kpop subunit should be sure to tune in for more fun moments.

New episodes of Good Mythical Morning are uploaded to YouTube every weekday morning, at approximately 6am ET.

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