Screen Rant is excited to announce a new My Little Pony special, My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock, and exclusively share a trailer for the Netflix special. The new special is based on the real-life music festival Woodstock and will star multitalented actress and singer Sofia Wylie as Ruby Jubilee, a new musically inclined pony. My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock will debut on Netflix on June 6 along with six new 22-minute episodes of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark. To celebrate, check out the trailer below as well as the new My Little Pony Style of the Day Ponies, which will be available in August.


My Little Pony: Make Your Mark picks up after the events of the 2021 animated Netflix movie My Little Pony: A New Generation and follows the Mane 5: Sunny Starscout, an earth pony (known as an alicorn) who wants to improve the world and runs a smoothie stand; Hitch Trailblazer, the earth pony sheriff of Maretime Bay; Izzy Moonbow, an art-loving unicorn; Pipp Petals, the Zephyr Heights pegasus princess who owns the Maretime Bay karaoke hair salon Mane Melody; and Zephyrina “Zipp” Storm, Pipp’s older sister and rebellious Zephyr pegasus princess. Working against the Mane 5 is Opaline, the immortal alcorn who wants the magic of Equestria for themselves, and their assistant Misty, a timid and loyal unicorn who begins to discover the world outside Opaline’s control.

More About The My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock Netflix Special

My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock

In Screen Rant’s exclusive trailer for My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock, the ponies are featured decked out in music festival outfits and hairstyles with new original music from the hottest talents in Equestria, The Dreamlands, Electric Blue, and Ruby Jubilee, voiced by Sofia Wylie (The School for Good and Evil, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series). In My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock, the Mane 5 are attempting to throw a music festival during Bridlewood’s yearly bioluminescent nature event, Lumi-Bloom. They try to book Equestria’s most talented artists, bring together old legends, and grapple with the unicorn legend of the voice-stealing Troggles. My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock also stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Never Have I Ever, Turning Red), Jenna Warren (Kody Kapow), JJ Gerber (Monster Pack), Ana Sani (The Boys), and AJ Bridel (Odd Squad).

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The new episodes of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark will become more careful after the failed dragon-napping perpetrated by Opaline and Misty, as the duo continues to work towards their goal of stealing Sparky and taking control of Equestria. Misty continues to work undercover as the Mane 5’s newest friend, although her loyalties may start to shift as she begins to see the true friendship she could have with these ponies. However, as Opaline’s endgame draws nearer, the fate of Equestria and the battle between good and evil may rest on Misty’s shoulders.

My Little Pony Style of the Day Ponies

my little pony style of the day exclusive

Moments from the series and the My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock aesthetic will be brought to life with My Little Pony Style of the Day Ponies for Princess Petals, Zipp Storm, and Misty Brightdawn. Each model is based on the music festival Bridlewoodstock and will celebrate the music-loving world of ponies. My Little Pony launched as a toy line in 1983 and has grown into a hugely popular entertainment property with toys, games, books, comics, television series, movies, and more.


(HASBRO/Ages 5 & up/Retail Price: $19.99/Available: 8/1/23)

Customize music festival-inspired hairstyles, outfits, and accessories with My Little Pony Style of the Day Ponies! Inspired by special moments from the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark series, the hair-styling doll set includes accessories for amazing hairstyles, festival fashions, and stickers for customizing toy ponies. Kids can customize their pony’s mane and tail with hair extensions and clips, accessorize their outfit pieces, and use cold water to reveal water-activated face paint! For repeatable fun, just use warm water to change the colors back again. These fashionable ponies are 5.5 inches tall with articulated arms and legs for posing. Mix and match looks with Style of the Day Ponies (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

My Little Pony: Bridlewoodstock and 6 new episodes of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark will debut June 6 on Netflix.

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