Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter #389The fate of the Todoroki family hangs in the balance in My Hero Academia, and Shoto’s now here to save them. However, it’s the manner in which he arrived, and the “vehicle” that he arrived in, which has really been catching fan attention.


Recent chapters have seen the Todoroki family, including the civilians like mother Rei and siblings Fuyumi and Natsuo, confronting Dabi and pleading with him to stop what he’s doing. Dabi is much too far gone in My Hero Academia, though, and he’s on the verge of exploding in a way that could kill hundreds. Shoto raced to the scene with Iida’s help, but upon arriving, Shoto and Iida were carrying a little something else with them: a fighter jet made of ice.

Shoto Makes an Entire Fighter Jet Out of Ice

My Hero Academia's Shoto Creates an Ice Jet

In chapter 389, Shoto and Iida are shown moving at high speeds, with a vaguely plane-like shape around them. The next panel clarifies that this isn’t some kind of visual metaphor, though, by showing it in more detail, and the final panel in the chapter shows that the plane-shaped object is made of ice and cracking apart under the strain, apparently sculpted by Shoto either just before they left All Might or while they were traveling. Since the creation of this object wasn’t shown, its existence came as quite a surprise at the end of the chapter.

Shoto has surprisingly never created an ice sculpture with his powers before, much less something so big and detailed, and which presumably was done in quite a hurry. The idea seems to have been that the pair were moving so fast that they’d benefit from some additional aerodynamics, although it’s hard to imagine the aerodynamic benefits outweighed the literal weight of the ice in question. Regardless, the creation does seem to have been successful in helping them get there in a rapid manner, as the duo have arrived in the nick of time. Shoto hasn’t yet stopped Dabi from exploding in My Hero Academia, but he appears to be intending to use his Phosphor super move in the final panel, which may be enough to put a stop to Dabi for good.

While it may not have been the most practical of ideas, Shoto’s ice jet seems to have done its job, even if it only just made it. With the fate of My Hero Academia‘s favorite family on the line, it’s all up to Shoto to save the day now.

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