UA’s Business course students are proving how essential they are to bringing society back together as they demonstrate a different sort of heroics.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 380The most underappreciated students of My Hero Academia‘s UA High School are proving their worth in the final battle, and they’ve made an excellent point about the importance of the world knowing what happened.

My Hero Academia’s UA High School has three branches of study: the hero course, the support course, and the business course. Just what UA’s business course students do hasn’t been explored all that much, but chapter 380 finally offers an idea of what they do. A pair of business course students have been seen recording the battle, risking their own lives to capture the footage. They even leaned out the windows of the crashing fortress to try to record Gentle Criminal’s heroic rescue in My Hero Academia, and offered him an explanation of why they do what they do in the process.

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UA’s Business Course Does Hero PR


The business students point out that one of the issues that brought the world to this point is the fact that no one was there to document the Paranormal Liberation War; the people of Japan had no knowledge of how bad that situation got, or how desperately the heroes fought to even pull out what little success they managed there. That’s what allowed Dabi’s speech to be so devastating to the hero’s image, and to the faith of the people in their heroes. If the heroes had their own footage and documentation of the battle, they could prove how dire the situation was, and that trust would never have been broken. In order to rebuild that trust, the business students are here filming every last struggle.

In My Hero Academia, most heroes run agencies with lots of employees, so it does make sense that business management would be a big part of the curriculum at UA. One of the most important elements of business for heroes would also, obviously, be public relations–a hero’s image is all they have, in the end. Even one of My Hero Academia’s heroes like Aizawa, who’s not the most presentable a lot of the time, understands this and knows how to clean himself up for public appearances. Having this footage of the final battle, to be able to show how the heroes fought in the face of overwhelming odds, will be insanely valuable when it comes to rebuilding people’s faith in heroes when all is said and done. In fact, it may well be the only thing that could restore stability to the country again.

While worrying about what happens after My Hero Academia‘s final battle may seem a bit premature, a forward-thinking nature is essential to reestablishing hero society. If the heroes lose, it doesn’t matter whether they had plans, but if they win, then of course it’s important to have a plan. Fortunately, My Hero Academia‘s business course students are here to handle that planning, allowing the front-line heroes to worry exclusively about the challenge that stands before them.

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