An impassioned speech from the first user of One for All makes a persuasive case to allow Deku full use of every Quirk stored within One for All.

Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 20My Hero Academia‘s Deku has been making progress in unlocking the Quirks within One for All, and it seems like he might finally have access to every power, thanks to the First One for All User’s powerful words.

Deku had unlocked all but two of the Quirks in One for All prior to episode 20 of season 6, leaving only the Second and Third User’s Quirks unknown. However, these two did not seem to approve of Deku, and when he spoke to One for All’s previous users in My Hero Academia, they faced away from him and said nothing. What they seem to have had a problem with is Deku’s desire to “save” Tomura Shigaraki, which they saw as foolish naivety. The First User managed to get them to change their tune, though, by reminding the pair that they once showed the same mercy to him.


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Deku Learns One for All’s True Origin in My Hero Academia


The First User, now revealed to be named Yoichi, was All for One’s younger brother, who had the power stockpiling Quirk forcibly implanted within him. Yoichi already had a Quirk that allowed for inheritance, though, and the two merged to create One for All. But since Yoichi refused to help his brother, he was locked up in a dark room and left to waste away. The Second and Third Users were resistance fighters going against All for One in My Hero Academia, and broke into his place intending to assassinate him, or if they couldn’t do that, strike at his brother. However, the Second and Third users discovered Yoichi alone in the dark, weakened but still defiant. Instead of killing him, they took pity and rescued him instead. That moment was the true birth of One for All–an agreement to stop All for One no matter the cost.

Yoichi points out that taking a chance at trusting him isn’t all that different from trying to save Shigaraki. After all, everyone agrees that, like Yoichi, Tomura Shigaraki is a victim of All for One, despite the danger he poses. The argument is persuasive enough that the Second and Third turn around and finally agree to lend Deku their power.

One for All Unleashed

My Hero Academia: The birth of One for All.

While Deku now has access to the full range of powers within One for All, he hasn’t used all of them just yet. The Second and Third User’s Quirks have been in One for All for a long time now, and as a result are also the most affected by all the power that’s been stockpiled over the years. This was already seen with the Smokescreen Quirk, when Deku released more of the smoke than he intended when fighting Muscular, so one can only imagine how much stronger the effect is on even older Quirks. It may be a moment before Deku is able to practice with these techniques and use them safely, especially since he’s already had so much trouble with recoil damage from One for All.

Regardless of when Deku actually puts these two final Quirks to use, it’s a major step forward for My Hero Academia‘s protagonist to have the full approval of his predecessors, as even just their experience at resistance fighting is extremely valuable in the current state of the world.

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