Savannah Chrisley recently faced her first Mother’s Day with her own mother, Julie Chrisley, behind bars, and the Chrisley Knows Best star opened up about her struggles. Savannah’s parents, Todd Chrisley and mother Julie, were sentenced to 12 years and six years, respectively, in prison for tax evasion, wire fraud, and bank fraud. However, despite her parents’ incarceration, Savannah has remained supportive of them and has taken custody of her siblings for the time being.


But things haven’t been easy for Savannah, as she revealed in a recent Mother’s Day post on Instagram. “This one hit hard!” Savannah admitted, “I’ve been dreading the holidays.”

Savannah spoke about the holidays that their family has missed out on, including Todd’s birthday and Easter, and exclaimed, “I hate it!” Savannah said, “I’m angry! I hold it all in pretty well…I’ve mastered the art of compartmentalizing,” and revealed, “I miss my mama so bad my heart hurts.” She also spoke about her mother’s many good qualities, including what a wonderful mother and wife she is, and her success in beating breast cancer.

Savannah Addresses Rumors Of Marital Strife Between Todd & Julie

Todd and Julie Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best sitting on a couch looking uncomfortable

The former Chrisley Knows Best star also took this post as an opportunity to “clear up nasty rumors” that people have been spreading about her family. “My parents are madly in love with each other and will come out of this trial even stronger and more in love than before,” Savannah asserted. Savannah’s sister, Lindsie Chrisley, backed up Savannah’s claims about their parents, adding, “Two folks obsessed with the others existence. Couldn’t agree more.” In her post, Savannah said she would “forever fight” for her parents, and it’s clear from her passionate words that she means it.

Though there are many who might lack sympathy for Todd and Julie, due to their crimes, Savannah does deserve some sympathy, because she did nothing wrong to put herself in this position. While Todd and Julie are presumably guilty, Savannah didn’t ask for this, and it’s unfortunate that she has suffered as a result of her parents’ mistakes. As for her continued support of Todd and Julie, it’s only natural that family members will have each other’s backs in these situations. Todd and Julie may have done wrong, but that doesn’t mean they were bad parents.

Because of the love Savannah has for her parents, the holidays will be a tough time until Todd and Julie are released from prison. It’s an unfortunate reality of having a loved one in prison, and something that Savannah will need to get used to. Her parents have a long stretch behind bars, so it’s going to be a while before Savannah can enjoy Mother’s Day with her mother again. Though it can be hard to feel sorry for Todd and Julie, it’s not hard to feel sorry for Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah, who is missing her mom on Mother’s Day.

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