Susan Farmer was called out for acting more like a child than a grown adult while sharing her story on My 600-Lb Life. Susan’s opening words to TLC cameras back in 2015 were that her life was miserable, noting she “hurt” all the time. She came under fire since it was hard to empathize because, at that time, she didn’t put any effort into bettering herself.

Fans of the TLC series recently started to rewatch earlier seasons and were quick to note on Reddit that My 600-Lb Life‘s Susan Farmer acted quite a bit like a toddler. Anyreplacement376 shared a photo of Susan and asked other thread participants if they also found that the star had acted rude and arrogant when talking to the doctors during her episodes.


One of the My 600-Lb Life followers acknowledged that Susan often came off as “mentally angry” and acted out like a toddler would have if they were about to throw a tantrum. Susan’s meltdowns were often a highlight on My 600-Lb Life, and she usually reacted this way when she was just told something extremely unpleasant.

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Susan Farmer Faces Multiple Hurdles On My 600-Lb Life

My 600-Lb Life's Susan Farmer

While most fans of My 600-Lb Life felt that Susan was emotionally challenged, others pointed out that each step towards getting fit was extremely hard for her. During her time on My 600-Lb Life, Susan shared that she felt disgusted by how she looked and often didn’t like looking at herself. At one point, she had a major meltdown while shopping in a grocery store as she realized her journey to healthy eating wouldn’t be easy.

During My 600-Lb Life season 3, Susan’s weight loss journey was complicated by lymphedema, which made her limbs swell, and neuropathy, which is essentially nerve damage. Sadly, her condition almost left her paralyzed, but after two months in physical therapy, she relearned to walk. However, during her time on My 600-Lb Life, she had one of the most significant losses as she shed 267 pounds.

After ending her time on My 600-Lb Life, Susan shared that she lost another 35 pounds when she checked in on a Where Are They Now? episode. After her gastric bypass surgery, she started to regain her life by walking more and enjoying her life in Texas. The reality TV star went back under the knife to have her excess skin removed as well as a few lymph nodes after My 600-Lb Life season 3 ended, which she shared with her followers on social media.

My 600-Lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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