The intense LA rainstorm has inspired movie-loving natives to share a wave of movie memes about the unusual weather and street flooding.

The intense L.A. rain has led to a wave of movie memes online. Los Angeles and Southern California at large is currently in the middle of an unusually intense storm. Because of the intensity of the storm and the California infrastructure that generally isn’t called upon to withstand such weather, this has led to flooding in many L.A. streets.

Of course, many citizens of L.A. are movie fans who moved to town to try to make it in the film industry. As such, they have approached the rainstorm in inimitable movie fan fashion, flooding the Internet with movie memes. Even The Donor Party star Jerry O’Connell got in on the fun, filming himself down by the rushing L.A. river and quoting Die Hard‘s iconic “come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs,” line. Check out select memes below:

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LA’s Weather is the Reason Hollywood Exists in the First Place

Hollywood Sign

While citizens of rainier parts of the world frequently laugh at L.A.’s response to the weather, there’s a reason that intense weather affects the area so dramatically. Southern California is known for its constant sunshine and consistently dry climate. In fact, this is the reason Hollywood took root in the area in the first place.

Back when the film industry was just beginning in the early 1900s, shortly before the events of Damien Chazelle’s Babylon, movie cameras were huge behemoths. They couldn’t easily be moved and interiors were nearly impossible to shoot, so crews would set up cameras in huge open areas and film entirely in one large wide shot, almost like a play. In order to operate this kind of set on a day-by-day basis needed to find an area where inclement weather wouldn’t interrupt shooting, which is why the perennially dry Hollywood area became the new home for various studios.

Although filmmaking technology has advanced and various cities around the world have become production hubs, Hollywood remains one of the most important cinematic cities in the world. Strangely, all of this history has led to the exact circumstances surrounding this cavalcade of L.A. Rain memes. That perhaps makes it one of the most Hollywood stories imaginable, though it’s odd 1952’s Singin’ in the Rain has been left out of the fun so far.

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