The Most Dangerous Game season 2 trailer reveals a first look at the revived Quibi action series, with Christoph Waltz returning to star.

The Most Dangerous Game season 2 trailer from Roku reveals a first look at the revived Quibi series. The great experiment of Quibi was meant to deliver streaming content via mobile phones in easily-digestible bite-sized bits, but instead of catching on to become the next big internet craze, the service folded less than a year after being launched. But Quibi’s content at least was not lost, as Roku quickly swooped in to acquire its catalog.

While much of what Quibi made had little potential for long-lasting life, its action show The Most Dangerous Game generated enough intrigue to warrant further exploration, and now Roku has dropped a trailer for season 2 of the series.


Christoph Waltz headlines the show’s cast as Miles Sellars, the organizer of the titular most dangerous game. The story was of course inspired by the famous novel The Most Dangerous Game, published in 1924.

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Everything We Know About The Most Dangerous Game Season 2

Christoph Waltz in Most Dangerous Game on Quibi

The Most Dangerous Game season 1 starred Liam Hemsworth as Dodge Tynes, a bankrupt real estate developer who becomes desperate to acquire money so that his wife can have life-saving surgery. His only hope is to enter a contest where he has 24 hours to survive while hunters track him and attempt to kill him. Originally presented on Quibi in that service’s signature short episodes, the season was later recut into a single movie and streamed by Roku.

The Most Dangerous Game: New York (as it’s officially titled) now starts over with a whole new contest, featuring The Umbrella Academy star David Castañeda as Victor Suero, a luckless boxer who enters the game needing money to pay a ransom and save his sister. The action then sees Victor trying to survive on the streets of New York City while killers pursue him (in something of an echo of John Wick). As in season 1, the gimmick is that for every hour Victor survives, more money is deposited in his bank account.

Alongside Castañeda and a returning Waltz, The Most Dangerous Game: New York stars Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn, Ciara Bravo, Martina Ortiz Luis and Aaron Poole. Sam Hill directed with series creator Nick Santora handling writing duties. The Most Dangerous Game season 2 hits The Roku Channel on March 10, 2023.

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