Marvel Studios Moon Knight season 1 on Disney+ was a novel and welcome addition to the MCU, and there’s already demand online for Moon Knight season 2. Moon Knight episode 6 capped off the story of Marc Spector and his feud with Arthur Harrow, but also left a lot open-ended. The brief glimpse of new alter Jake Lockley, for example, more than hinted at Moon Knight returning for another season. Other character’s arcs, such as Layla becoming the Scarlet Scarab in the finale, more than warrant delving into further with a new Moon Knight season.


Moon Knight introduced the world of the Egyptian gods to the MCU. Through Marc Spector, a mercenary with Dissociative Identity Disorder and multiple alternate identities, audiences were introduced to several ancient Egyptian deities. The world of gods is not new to Marvel, given the inclusion of Asgard and even the Greek gods through Thor, but the Egyptian setting allowed a refreshing change of tone and scenery. Moon Knight season 1 was well received and now has a loyal fanbase, but Moon Knight season 2 is yet to appear on the upcoming Marvel Disney+ show slate.

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The Latest Moon Knight Season 2 News

Moon Knight standing in front of the moon.

Moon Knight season 2 hasn’t been confirmed. However, that doesn’t mean the character won’t show up again in a different Marvel project. In October 2022 Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac confirmed he’s entered talks with Marvel about reprising his role as Moon Knight. The update the actor gives is promising, saying “There have been some specific conversations. They were pleasant. The spilling of the details it that there’s no details. We don’t know [if there will be a second season], but we’re talking about it. Truthfully, it’s about the story. Is there a story worth telling? Is it interesting? Will I feel embarrassed about it when it comes out?”

In January 2023, Kevin Feige offered further comments that confirmed Moon Knight does have a future in the MCU after season 1 (via Entertainment Weekly). However, his comment — “I think there’s a future for that character as we move forward,” — was part of a series of questions on a number of MCU projects, and far from the main subject of the interview. While it’s a definite reassurance that Feige has Moon Knight on his radar still, his comments also shouldn’t be taken as a sign that Moon Knight season 2 is imminently on the agenda.

Moon Knight Season 2 Is Not Confirmed

Moon-Knight-Posters of Marc, Moon Knight and Mr. Knight

Moon Knight season 2 remains unconfirmed. Moon Knight was initially commissioned as a limited series by Disney, meaning it will likely only have one season like Hawkeye or WandaVision. However, that isn’t to say Marvel cannot reverse this. For example, Marvel Studios’ Twitter page seemingly made a change to the caption of the finale’s trailer, potentially leaving a hint as to the format of the show. While a Moon Knight season 2 renewal hasn’t been ordered as of writing by Marvel, the possibility remains given the popularity of the show and the character, as well as the possibility of a feature film centered around Moon Knight.

Should Marvel renew the show, the Moon Knight season 2 release date may still be a few years out. Given the slate of Marvel Studios’ multiple Disney+ shows still in development, Moon Knight season 2 won’t be seen until 2024 at the least-conservative earliest. With the likes of Ironheart and Secret Invasion all still to receive release dates, Moon Knight season 2 arriving soon is unlikely. However, as common with Marvel Studios, it is safe to assume that Moon Knight will appear elsewhere to continue carrying out Khonshu’s vengeance across the multiple ongoing facets of the MCU.

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Moon Knight Season 2 Cast

Arthur Harrow with his cane in Moon Knight

If Moon Knight season 2 were to happen, Oscar Isaac would assuredly return as the character(s). The actor has already discussed the future of Moon Knight with Marvel execs, proving that he’s committed to the role. Khonshu the moon god was previously voiced by F. Murray Abraham (White Lotus), and the hero will likely need his patron god back. May Calamawy (The Long Road Home) should come back as Spector’s wife Layla El-Faouly. Truthfully, the only character from Moon Knight season 1 that wouldn’t be in season 2 would be Ethan Hawke’s evil Arthur Harrow, who bit the dust in the end.

How Moon Knight’s Ending Sets Up Season 2

Moon Knight Third Identity More Violent Jake Lockley SR

Moon Knight’s ending does leave some story threads open to set up Moon Knight season 2. For example, in Moon Knight episode 6, Layla El-Faouly, Marc Spector’s wife, became the avatar of Tawaret which could lead to a deeper exploration of her new abilities. Arguably the biggest way season 2 is set up, though, comes through Jake Lockley. Marvel has hinted at the third alternate identity of Spector rearing his head throughout season 1, with the end-credit scene of episode 6 confirming that Jake is the new avatar of Khonshu — seemingly unknowingly to Marc and Steven — which sets up a major plot thread for Moon Knight going forward.

When Moon Knight Could Return If There’s No Moon Knight Season 2

Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight

While Moon Knight season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, Isaac’s and Feige’s comments prove that a second installment at least isn’t entirely out of the equation and that the character will definitely be back in some capacity. That means speculation abounds as to when or where Oscar Isaac could return if not in his own Disney+ show. As for where the Fist of Khonshu will make his next MCU appearance, there are a few possibilities. The character of Moon Knight in the comics is heavily linked to the Midnight Sons, a Marvel super-team that deals with supernatural threats.

Another link could come in the form of Dane Whitman, as his appearance in Eternals placed him as a lecturer in London’s Natural History Museum. Moon Knight’s Steven Grant was shown to also work at a museum in London, potentially drawing a link that could bring the two together. Given the connection between Black Knight and Blade in the MCU as well as Moon Knight and Blade’s comic connections, an appearance from Marc with these two new MCU characters is very possible, potentially in Marvel Studios’ Blade. This also means that, if Moon Knight season 2 does move forward, it might be that Marvel is waiting until after Blade to debut it.

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