• Michael Cera opened up about experiencing post-filming depression after Scott Pilgrim vs. the World wrapped. He grew close with his co-stars during the nine months of shooting and felt sad when it all ended.
  • Cera’s role in Scott Pilgrim was different from his previous acting experiences, as it required a longer shooting time and a deeper camaraderie with the cast.
  • Despite his uncertainty about acting, Cera has continued to book roles in blockbuster movies and is reprising his role as Scott Pilgrim in a Netflix anime adaptation. His successful career suggests that he made the right decision to stay in Hollywood.

In a recent interview, Michael Cera got candid on the depression he experienced after the filming of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World wrapped. Released in 2010, the Edgar Wright-directed movie is an adaptation of the graphic novel series by Bryan Lee O’Malley. With a star-stacked cast featuring dozens of such Hollywood favorites as Aubrey Plaza and Kieran Culkin, the movie follows the battle Scott Pilgrim (Cera) takes to defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil exes.

Speaking with GQ, Cera shared that being on set for nine months led him to quickly grow close with his Scott Pilgrim vs. The World co-stars, especially since they spent significant time rehearsing together before filming even started. When his role as Pilgrim ended at last, Cera expressed that he was “a little depressed” because “it all just goes away, and you’re like, ‘Where did everybody go?’”. Check out Cera’s comments in the quote and video below:

It was so much fun all the time because we just had the greatest vibe with everybody. That basically trickled down from Edgar, and the energy he was creating. We all got to rehearse together and spend a lot of time together before we even started making the movie. By the end of the movie, I felt like, ‘This is my world. This is my group of friends. It feels like it’s always going to be this way.’ Honestly, I was a little depressed when we were done because it all just goes away, and you’re like, ‘Where did everybody go?’ You get used to that as you get older and as you’re acting for a while, but I was sad to lose it. I could have kept making that forever, even though it was exhausting. I was there for I think nine months or something, which is an enormous amount of time to work on something.

Cera’s Acting Uncertainty in Other Films

michael cera as scott pilgrim

Cera had been no stranger to acting prior to his role as Scott Pilgrim, booking the role of Arrested Development’s George Michael Bluth at just 14 years old. However, given that sitcoms tend to have shorter shooting times, spending nine months with one group of people likely felt out of the ordinary. Plus, at only 22 when he landed the role, Cera still was a Hollywood rookie compared to the actor holding a decade-long career that fans know today.

While the comradery surrounding Scott Pilgrim vs. the World proved to be an uplifting experience, there was a point before the movie’s filming that Cera considered quitting acting altogether. After starring in Greg Mottola’s 2007 movie Superbad, Cera became overwhelmed by the level of fame he achieved, being stopped by fans who did not always respect his boundaries.

Cera fans can rejoice, however, as he continues to book roles in blockbuster movies. Most recently, Cera played fan-favorite Barbie character Allan, a soft-spoken Ken “buddy” who cannot quite match the energy of Barbie World. Additionally, Cera will be reprising his acclaimed role of Scott Pilgrim for Netflix’s anime adaptation of the graphic novels alongside the entire cast of the 2010 movie, which was recently announced to have a November 17 premiere date. Although the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World actor has grappled with his place in Hollywood, the variety and volume of roles he has booked suggest that he made a fair decision.

Source: GQ

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