The remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has been revealed as part of Sony’s May 2023 PlayStation Showcase. In recent years there have been several rumors surrounding remakes of titles from Hideo Kojima’s popular espionage franchise, with both 1998’s Metal Gear Solid and 2004’s Snake Eater being the two most commonly speculated.


As part of the May 24, 2023, PlayStation Showcase, it’s been confirmed that the rumors surrounding the fan-favorite Snake Eater‘s remake are true.

A cinematic trailer showed Snake in action and boasted a significant graphical upgrade to show the title’s major improvements for current-gen devices, building upon the level of detail seen in the franchise’s last main story entry The Phantom Pain.

MGS3: Snake Eater’s Remake Will/Will Not Be A PlayStation Exclusive

Snake salutes in official Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater artwork

As announced beforehand, the PlayStation Showcase was intended to be focused primarily on Sony’s first-party developers. However, this past week, Windows Central editor Jez Corden took to Twitter to independently confirm that the now-confirmed Snake Eater remake was real, but also that it was coming to both Xbox and PC as well as PlayStation.

Corden’s claim came as a surprise when previous rumors stated that either a Metal Gear Solid or Snake Eater remake would be exclusive to PlayStation.

Snake Eater’s Remake Could See Other MGS Titles Getting Re-Releases

Snake infiltrates a snowy enemy compound

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is one of the 35-year-old Metal Gear series‘ high points, and considering its chronological place in the timeline, remaking it first made sense. Some of the franchise’s entries are still not easily accessible to all, such as Metal Gear Solid, which is still only available on devices that can play original PlayStation titles, or its 2004 GameCube remake The Twin Snakes, which is now rare and sold by second-hand suppliers for high prices. Therefore, many fans are hopeful that Snake Eater‘s remake could lead to the rest of the series getting remasters or remakes to make them more available on modern gaming platforms.

The announcement of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater‘s remake is a positive sign for the franchise, which fans feared was dead after creator Hideo Kojima’s falling out with publisher Konami. Attempts to continue the franchise without Kojima’s creative mind at the helm failed with the zombie title Metal Gear Survive, so returning to his past stories and upgrading them would be the best move for now, so long as they’re faithful to the original titles.

Sources: PlayStation/YouTube, Jez Corden/Twitter

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