Meredith’s big Grey’s Anatomy exit in the most recent episode is being slammed by longtime viewers, who argue the character deserved more.

Meredith’s big Grey’s Anatomy exit is being slammed by longtime fans of the show. The drama series premiered on ABC back in 2005 and has largely revolved around Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her development, eventually being named Chief of Surgery at what is now the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Through 19 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy has seen its cast change a lot, though Pompeo’s character has always been considered a mainstay. However, it was previously confirmed that she would have a smaller role this season, leading to speculation surrounding Meredith’s future and whether the show could succeed without her.

As her departure in the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy played out, fans took to Twitter to share their reactions, and a lot of them were upset by how it ended. Pompeo teased Meredith could return after the character announced her plans to leave the hospital during the show’s mid-season finale in November, but still, audiences did not seem to enjoy the episode.

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Meredith’s Grey’s Anatomy Exit Explained

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Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 7 titled, “I’ll Follow the Sun,” saw Meredith’s last day at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital before her intended move to Boston. She and Nick (Scott Speedman) were also still arguing about their relationship, and after boarding her flight with the kids, Meredith claimed she was unable to hear him when he called and said he loved her. Prior to that, she lost Tessa, an author, during her final surgery and was given a flash drive of her writing for a publisher. Other medical staff threw Meredith a surprise party, where she said her goodbyes.

Other Grey’s Anatomy characters have had dramatic exits, and given Pompeo’s importance to the series, it is easy to understand viewers’ frustrations. It is worth mentioning the star is still an executive producer on the show, and that she has hinted at Meredith’s potential return. While there is no word on a Grey’s Anatomy renewal, Meredith can still be expected in the season 19 finale.

It is hard to imagine Grey’s Anatomy ending without a stronger farewell to Meredith or a celebration of Pompeo’s work over the years. Her appearance in the season 19 finale could indicate Meredith’s future on the show, should it continue. If it concludes similar to the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, that might suggest an opportunity for the character to come back again.

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