My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore isn’t letting negativity or judgment keep her down in 2023. Recently, she has found herself at the center of controversy as viewers are questioning her honesty and authenticity. It hasn’t always been an easy road for the 39-year-old, but despite it all, she’s coming back stronger than ever.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life is on season 10, and Whitney has shared the ups and downs of her life from friendships and romance, to her dreams and aspirations. Along the way, fans have had their doubts about Whitney’s fabulous life, especially after she lied about her relationship with the Frenchman, and she was accused of altering her photos to make herself appear slimmer. Reality fame has put Whitney in the hot seat, and she’s most likely heard criticism about every aspect of her life, which comes with the territory. But instead of letting it get under her skin, she’s becoming the best version of herself.



10 Whitney Is Expanding Her No BS Active Company

Whitney Thore at the gym

Whitney has her own fitness company, No BS Active, which she created to encourage others to love their body and fall in love with fitness. Her positive approach to health and wellness, while also offering different workout options, makes exercising seem a little less intimidating. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star launched an app in conjunction with her company to make it more accessible and easier to use. Whitney’s app fell short with some people, but it hasn’t stopped her from continuing to upload more workout videos and tips, and offering special discounts and promotions.

9 Whitney Is Starting A Podcast

Whitney Way Thore on the Marylin Denis Show

While there’s been talk that Whitney’s reality show has run its course, she’s planning on broadening her horizons by going from the screen to the microphone. She’s seen a lot of success on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, and a podcast could be another outlet to share her story, views, and experiences. Recently, Whitney took a poll on IG asking her followers if they would listen, and she got an 88% vote of yes, which seemed to be enough motivation to start putting her plan into action. Her ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat is expected to join the podcast, which will most likely make it all the more entertaining.

8 Whitney Has Been Focusing On Her Health & Weight Loss

whitney thore my big fat fabulous life

Whitney’s weight loss transformation has truly proven how far she’s come in terms of her physical health. While she’s always had a passion for fitness and dancing, it was no longer her main objective, with her love life often being the main priority on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Now that Whitney is investing more time toward her wellness, her hard work is certainly proving to pay off. She has been accused of using filters and editing apps to make herself look slimmer, but it’s clear Whitney is putting in the effort.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life Whitney Thore Family portrait white background

Since Whitney’s mom Barbara “Babs’ Thore” passed away last December, she’s been making it a priority to spend extra time with her father, Glenn Thore. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has always had a close relationship with both of her parents, and she always leaned on them when she needed them most. Now, she’s doing the same for her father in his time of need. Although Whitney’s posts with Glenn are controversial, it doesn’t stop her from putting her family first, no matter what anybody else thinks.

6 Whitney Spends Intentional Time With Her Friends

Whitney spends a lot of time with her friends on My Big Fat Fabulous Life and beyond the show as well. She has been accused of being self-centered and putting her needs above everyone else. Whitney’s friendships have been questioned throughout the seasons, but despite what reality TV may depict, her friends hold a special place in her heart. Even when the cameras aren’t rolling, she tries to make time to hang out with them whenever possible.

5 Whitney Is Gaining More Business Partnerships

Since My Big Fat Fabulous Life started, Whitney has been partnering with different brands and companies. She’s had the opportunity to partner with Walmart, Athleta, and most recently, Intimina. Even though Whitney’s sponsorships reflect her success, her followers were getting fed up with all of her partnership posts. However, she hasn’t let the criticism stop her from continuing to be business-savvy.

4 Whitney Continues To Embrace Her Imperfections & Flaws

Whitney resonated with viewers on My Big Fat Fabulous Life because she was never afraid to love herself exactly as she is. Even if she didn’t fit into the typical standard of beauty, she didn’t let it define her self-worth or her confidence. That’s the same attitude that the reality star carries today. Whitney is slamming back at critics who say she’s portraying a fake version of herself online. She has never claimed to be perfect, and she will remain true to herself and her values.

3 Whitney Interacts With Fans

Even though Whitney faces a lot of negativity and criticism online, it doesn’t stop her from putting herself out there on social media. When she admitted to her followers that she met her French boyfriend on Tinder and not on a language app as she claimed two years ago, she faced a lot of backlash for her dishonesty. Although she most likely knew she would be met with mean comments, she still shared the truth with fans. Whitney continues to post on social media, frequently holding Q&A sessions and giving her followers and My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans the opportunity to ask her anything.

2 Whitney Doesn’t Focus On The Online Drama

Whitney Way Thore computer wearing red shirt

Even though it could be easy to get caught up in reading about other people’s opinions of her, Whitney chooses to not focus on the drama. Ignoring it is most likely easier said than done, as she gets critiques and unwarranted advice on every Instagram post. However, Whitney still rises above it all and chooses not to interact with the negative comments. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star has learned how to roll with the punches, even before she encountered reality television fame, and that’s how she continues to handle it all.

1 Whitney Remains Positive

Whitney Thore MBFFL

One of the most effective things Whitney from My Big Fat Fabulous Life does to rise against the backlash is keeping a positive attitude. She embraces the “kill them with kindness” prerogative, and tries to find the silver lining in the situation. Sharing her life with the world undoubtedly comes with its highs and lows, but Whitney doesn’t let the tough moments keep her down, and she continues to find a reason to keep smiling.

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