Doom Supreme’s magic is so powerful that he can one-shot the original Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto, with one very gross but effective spell.

The most powerful version of Doctor Doom in the Marvel Multiverse can one-shot the original Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto himself, with an attack that is at the same time gross and incredibly effective. During the battle for the fate of the Multiverse between the Avengers and Doom Supreme, the latter shows that not even Earth’s first Sorcerer Supreme can hold a candle to his incredible powers.

The Avengers’ multiversal saga has introduced what must be the most powerful variant of Doctor Doom ever seen (with the exception of God Emperor Doom from Secret Wars): Doom Supreme. This Victor von Doom has become the Sorcerer Supreme of his reality, and then proceeded to either slaughter or recruit the other versions of himself from the Multiverse, amassing incredible magical power and building a fearsome “Army of Doom” that includes even a planet-sized mashup of Doom and Ego the Living Planet. To stop Doom Supreme from conquering the Quarry of Creation and becoming the master of the Multiverse, the biggest army of Avengers has assembled, which includes Earth-616’s very first Sorcerer Supreme, Agamotto.


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Doom Supreme Needs Just One Spell To Take Out Agamotto

doom supreme takes out agamotto with acid

During the battle against the Multiversal Masters of Evil, Doom Supreme has already severely wounded Agamotto, taking away both of his eyes. After the Avengers defeat the other Masters in their longest battle ever, Doom puts his real plan in motion and unleashes his army on the God Quarry. In Avengers Forever #14, by Jason Aaron, Jim Towe, Frank Martin, Chris Sotomayor, and Morry Hollowell, Agamotto tries to stand up against Doom Supreme again, but he suffers a terrible fate. Doom casts a spell that simply turns the air in Agamotto’s lungs into acid, which instantly takes out the man who is supposed to be the greatest Sorcerer Supreme of all time.

In the present time of Marvel’s continuity, Agamotto is a true legend. According to official Marvel lore, at one point in his life, his magic became so powerful that he ascended to divine status as part of the Vishanti trinity. He has created many spells that magicians still use and, of course, some of the most powerful magical artifacts in existence, the Eyes of Agamotto. However, a simple phrase from Doom Supreme was enough to defeat Agamotto (and possibly kill him)

Marvel Has Made Doom Supreme Too Powerful

Infamous Iron Man Doctor Doom

In a previous issue, Doom showed how strong his magic is by holding off without effort Old Man Phoenix and the Star Panther (a Power Cosmic-empowered Black Panther). Now, by taking out an expert sorcerer with ease, Doom Supreme shows that his magic could really have no limits.

This begs the question of how the Avengers will be able to stop Doom Supreme without resorting to some unlikely plot device. It’s understandable that Doom’s spells are particularly effective against people without magical defenses, but seeing him annihilate Agamotto, Earth’s first Sorcerer Supreme, with such ease, shows that, perhaps, Avengers writer Jason Aaron has made his main villain, Doom Supreme, simply too powerful for the good of the story.

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Avengers Forever #14 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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