An exciting tease by Marvel unveils a new event for Summer 2023, the bombastic Contest of Chaos, which will see beloved heroes battling one another.

An exciting announcement from Marvel Comics teases a new Contest of Champions-like event, pitting Marvel’s ultimate heroes against each other in the Contest of Chaos.

The announcement by Marvel reveals very little about the upcoming event, which will debut in Summer 2023, teasing the explosive and chaotic new heroic contest with gorgeous art by Bryan Hitch and the tagline, “Absolute Chaos Corrupts Absolutely.” With Marvel’s emphasis on “Absolute” and “Chaos” there is a chance that Contest of Chaos could feature a corruption by the infamous villain Carnage, known for his 2019 crossover event Absolute Carnage.

Contest of Chaos Marvel Promotional Art

The promotional art by Hitch features some of Marvel’s most beloved heroes going up against one another – similar to the Contest of Champions events from 1982, 1999, and 2015. The cover highlights battles between Storm and Iron Man, Wolverine and Spider-Man, and Johnny Storm and Ghost Rider, among many others. Hopefully, like past Marvel “Hero vs. Hero” events, Contest of Chaos will allow fans to vote on the outcomes of some of the more contentious battles!

This story will be updated as Marvel Comics reveals more next week…

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Source: Marvel Entertainment

Contest of Chaos from Marvel Comics debuts in Summer 2023.

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