Warning: Spoilers ahead for Marvel’s Love Unlimited: Hulkling and Wiccan Infinity ComicThe talented artist tokitokororo recently unveiled a gorgeous piece of Valentine’s Day fanart honoring the adorable LGBTQ+ love between fan-favorite Young Avengers heroes Wiccan and Hulkling, proving once again they are Marvel’s cutest queer couple and one of the cutest couples in all of comics.

Hulkling and Wiccan, otherwise known as Teddy and Billy Altman-Kaplan, are a beloved couple to both fans and other heroes within the Marvel Universe. Their beautiful marriage during the events of Empyre stole the hearts of readers everywhere. Now, their love is captured in an amazing piece of fanart that tokitokoro shared on Twitter.


Billy and Teddy’s gorgeous, long-lasting relationship is an important example of queer representation in mainstream comics, and tokitokoro’s stunning fanart of the two lovers for Valentine’s Day is a powerful reminder of the love that these two share.

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Hulkling And Wiccan Will Always Be A Fan-Favorite Couple

Hulkling Wiccan Kissing

Both Hulkling and Wiccan have experienced major power-ups in the past few years. Billy has gained more magical powers through his destiny as the god-like Demiurge. Meanwhile, Teddy has become the Emperor of the new Kree-Skrull Empire, taking his place among the stars as the son of the original Captain Mar-Vell. While both of these powerful heroes started out as Young Avengers alongside other prominent heroes like Kate Bishop, America Chavez, Billy’s brother Speed, and Patriot. However, they have both had less page time since the calamitous events of Empyre back in 2020. The married couple starred in Hulking & Wiccan: Possibilities – written by Josh Trujillo with art by Jodi Nishijima and Matt Milla – a fun adventure through the multiverse that started as a wicked spell by the witch Agatha Harkness, which gave them new lives with lovers Goebig and Eidolon. While this adventure was resolved, leading to a more secure relationship between the two, the story was continued in the recent Marvel’s Love Unlimited: Hulkling & Wiccan, also written by Josh Trujillo and with art by tokitokoro, the artist behind this beautiful Valentine’s Day fanart.

Marvel’s Love Unlimited: Hulkling & Wiccan sees the return of Goebig, Hulkling’s alternate reality lover. The massive hero returns to Teddy’s side to beg him to help him retrieve the memories of his people, who have recently been slaughtered by the cosmic and evil King Arasmer. Throughout the five-issue sequel arc to Possibilities Billy is forced to deal with his jealousy of Teddy and Goebig’s “past” relationship, while supporting his husband and Goebig in their battle against Arasmer. The talented tokitokoro, primarily a manga artist outside his work with Marvel, brings a unique style to Wiccan and Hulkling’s world, and his Valentine’s Day art of the loving couple is no different, highlighting the romance between the two young heroes. The couple’s Love Unlimited arc ends happily, with Goebig remaining friends with both Hulkling and Wiccan as the happy couple’s relationship is strengthened even more. Hopefully this erases any of the insecurities either experience after their run in with Harkness.

Only Time Will Tell What The Future Holds For Billy and Teddy

Love Unlimited Hulkling and Wiccan Tokitoro 2

Marvel’s Love Unlimited: Hulkling & Wiccan ends with Billy finding his way to his alternate reality lover, the ghost-like Eidolon, and apologizing for abandoning him, setting up the possibility for a future comic by Trujillo and tokitokoro exploring their dynamic next. Until then, the Valentine’s Day fanart posted by tokitokoro – featuring the beautiful love between Young Avengers heroes Wiccan and Hulkling – is the perfect way to celebrate the powerful and important LGBTQ+ representation seen in the romance and care between Marvel’s cutest queer couple.

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