Warning: Contains SPOILERS for X-Men: Red #11With characters like Wolverine and Deadpool, Marvel Comics’ X-Men are no stranger to healing factors, but the mutant with the most powerful healing factor has been killed. With Krakoan resurrection totally changing the way mutants operate, death itself now holds little sway for the House of Idea’s most uncanny heroes. Unfortunately, not all mutants are Krakoan – and their greatest healer won’t be resurrected anytime soon.


Introduced during the X of Swords crossover event and confirmed to be an Omega-level mutant, the White Sword is one of the greatest healers the X-Men have ever encountered. This mighty warrior is one of the mutants of Arakko who was trapped in the horrific world of Amenth. The White Sword led an army of 100 champions against the demonic armies of Amenth, waging war for centuries. At the end of each day he healed and resurrected his followers to continue fighting the next day. But X-Men: Red #11 has established that even the wielder of the blade Purity has his limits when the last of his champions reveals his master’s untimely demise. And unfortunately, death for the White Sword seems pretty final.

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The X-Men’s White Sword Is No More

Ironfire Genesis is Coming

X-Men: Red #11 by Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli, Jacopo Camagni, and Federico Blee finds a disoriented Jon Ironfire arriving on Krakoa and revealing the White Sword’s fate to Sunspot and Nova. Bringing his master’s sword, Purity, as a testament to his words, Ironfire says, “The White Sword has fallen, and 99 of his champions with him. I am the last.” He then warns them of the threat that has ended the seemingly unkillable White Sword – Genesis, the wife of Apocalypse. And if even the White Sword and his 100 soldiers couldn’t stop her, the X-Men are in very real danger.

As an Omega-level healer, the White Sword was an immortal with the ability to heal any wound and even resurrect the dead. Unfortunately, it seems that same resurrection ability doesn’t apply to his own person. And with the Arakki population’s disdain for Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols, it’s highly unlikely that their kinsman the White Sword would approve of the X-Men going to such lengths for his sake anyway.

The X-Men Are In MAJOR Trouble

White Sword

The wielder of Purity had a healing ability that put even Wolverine and his family to shame. If Genesis and her forces were able to wipe out the White Sword and his army, then whatever her plan may be means big trouble for the X-Men should they stand in her way. After all, the White Sword was one of the most powerful mutants the Marvel Universe has ever seen, and even he and his forces were decimated down to the last man.

The White Sword may have once been Marvel’s most powerful healer, but it’s clear that his abilities weren’t everything fans thought. While the hero of Okkara could give life to the dead, he apparently cannot extend that same grace to himself. And if even Marvel Comics’ most powerful healer couldn’t stop Genesis, the X-Men are going to need all the help they can get.

X-Men: Red #11 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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