Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Conners season 5, episode 16.

Mark recently became the center of The Conners season 5 storytelling again, and his narrative could have solved the show’s biggest Louise problem. Darlene and David’s kids had been the focus of certain storylines in the last few weeks of the sitcom. After Harris’ unexpected pregnancy reveal and eventual miscarriage, the spotlight shifted toward her brother, who was dealing with problems of his own. Aside from a compelling narrative for the teenager, however, the Roseanne spinoff sequel could have also used Mark’s latest plot line to solve The Conners‘ long-existing issue with Louise.


The launching pad for the ABC family comedy was the tragic death of Roseanne Conner from an opioid overdose. Each member of the Conner family had their own way of grieving, and for the most part, The Conners haven’t shied away from acknowledging what happened to their matriarch. However, the show still had to move on, and Dan’s romance and eventual marriage to Louise were part of that. If only The Conners could make her an actual significant member of the family instead of a continued outsider.

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Louise Could Have Been Involved In Mark’s The Conners Season 5 Storyline

In the episode “The Contra Hearings and The Midnight Gambler,” Mark fought for a spot in the Lanford High chamber orchestra. Knowing it would be his only sure shot at a four-year college scholarship, the Conner family attempted to foster a great relationship with his intimidating music teacher, Holland Glen, played by Whoopi Goldberg. Unfortunately, The Conners season 5 just couldn’t seem to give the Healy kids a break, as Mark ultimately failed in his endeavor after Holland decided to give the opportunity to another person. Considering Louise’s return and the nature of Mark’s failure, the plot could have finally made Dan’s wife relevant beyond their relationship.

After missing much of The Conners season 5 due to her touring duties, Louise finally came back home in “Hiding in and Moving Out.” Instead of being incorporated into the Conners, however, she decided to hide in the bedroom because she hadn’t figured out what she was going to do next. Given Louise’s love of music, she could have been integrated into Mark’s latest The Conners narrative as a way to develop a dynamic between her and the rest of Dan’s family. Instead, she was barely in the episode; the show didn’t even say what she had been up to.

The Conners Season 5 Continues To Waste Louise

The Conners Dan and Louise

The Conners Louise problem has become so much more prevalent in season 5. During her and Dan’s courtship and even before they tied the knot, she regularly had something going on in her life. While it still wasn’t substantial considering that her arc was mostly tied to her romance with Dan, at the very least, she was given something to do. For a while, The Conners was able to explain why she wasn’t involved in family matters. Still, now that her touring days are over, there is simply no justified reason for the sitcom to continuously sideline her.

The Conner season 5 airs every Wednesday on ABC.

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