Long-time Dancing With The Stars favorite Mark Ballas revealed he will not be returning to the reality competition show. He has been one of the professional dancers on DWTS on and off since 2007, and his time has been nothing short of impressive. His announcement comes after winning DWTS season 31 with partner Charli D’Amelio. He previously won DWTS seasons 6 and 8 with Kristi Yamaguchi and Shawn Johnson, respectively.

After the last stop on the DWTS tour, a fan recorded Mark taking the stage with Charli as he announced that it would be his final dance for the show, and the fan, @BeanBallas, shared that video on Twitter. Mark said, “I just want to finish this by saying that this will be the last time you see me dance in this capacity…Thank you guys for a lifetime of memories.”


With his winning partner and TikTok star Charli by his side, he added, “This is the last time I’ll be dancing with a partner.” After a five-season break, Mark returned for DWTS season 31 and is ending his career with a win.

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Mark Ballas Hinted At DWTS Retirement In November

Charli D'Amelio & Mark Ballas winning Dancing With The Stars

At the end of DWTS season 31, before the tour started, rumors were already circulating that Mark was not sure if he would be returning, and now it is official. Mark told Us Weekly back in November that he was celebrating the win and that his “body couldn’t even fathom a thought of doing this [in] six months.” So it all makes sense that he has come to this decision. Since DWTS season 31 ended, Mark has also shared that he has been going through physical therapy for a back injury, as the reality show, and professional dancing in general, can take a toll on the body.

With multiple wins under his belt and an impressive DWTS career, it can always be difficult to choose the right time to leave a show like this. However, going out with a win is definitely a good way to do it. Mark became a pro during DWTS season 5 when he was 21, a whopping 17 years ago. Being a part of any career for that long, even with breaks, can be a bit monotonous, and sometimes people are just ready to make a change.

Whether Mark’s decision to finally depart from Dancing With The Stars is due to his back injury or just being ready for something different in his life, fans will likely be sad to see him go. Dancing can definitely take a toll on the body over time, and competing time and time again for that many years would definitely be exhausting. The time to relax will always come, and Mark is finally accepting that it’s his time for that phase of his life now. Going forward, Mark is sure to continue dancing, just in a different capacity and more on his own terms that don’t include a rigorous competition schedule.

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Sources: @BeanBallas/Twitter, Us Weekly

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