Take a tour of Margot Robbie’s Barbie Dream House in a new series of images. Director Greta Gerwig’s upcoming adaptation of the beloved, long-lasting Mattel toy line follows Robbie’s doll on a quest of self-discovery that takes her from the safety of Barbieland into the unknown of the real world. Barbie sees Robbie joined by Ryan Gosling’s naive but loyal Ken, while Will Ferrell takes on the role of a Mattel businessman keen on keeping Barbie’s existence a secret.


While the official Barbie trailer offered a glimpse at Barbie’s adventures in the real world, Architectural Digest has given eager fans a chance to take a tour of her home in Barbieland.

In the gallery above, Barbie’s Dream House is explored through a series of set images from the Warner Bros. Studio lot in London, showcasing the many rooms of Barbie’s home. The set faithfully recreates the Dream House’s toy-like design philosophy, which includes branding dotted across the building, wardrobes inspired by packaging, an open and accessible design for play, and even an over-the-top spiral slide.

Barbie Is Dedicated To Bringing The Toy To Life

Barbie looking out over Barbieland in a pink plaid dress

Alongside the dollhouse neighborhood of Barbie, Gerwig’s upcoming film is set on recapturing the iconic accessories of the toy line and bringing them into a usable, lifelike 1:1 scale for the cast. In the first official image released of Robbie’s Barbie, the star can be seen driving a pink convertible, a recreation of the doll’s car. Furthermore, the main trailer has also shown that Barbie will pilot a number of vehicles that have featured in the line, including camper vans, boats, and even a rocket.

Like her vehicles, Barbie‘s impressive costumes also feature a number of looks that are pulled directly from outfits the doll has donned. Barbie‘s first teaser featured Robbie’s character wearing the iconic black and white bathing suit that the original doll released in 1959 sported, while her roller skating outfit that has featured in the real-world sequences is inspired by an outfit from a 1994 doll. With Gerwig perfectly capturing the look of her world, Barbie has easily stood out among this year’s summer releases.

While Barbie‘s all-star cast has drawn plenty of intrigue, its striking, colorful sets have left audiences eager to see more of the film. Though Barbie is heading off into the unknown, Barbieland’s cheery, toy-like sets have created one of 2023’s most distinct films aesthetically. It will be interesting to see the rest of Barbie‘s world come to life on the big screen.

Source: Architectural Digest

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