Several historical and Biblical events are known to be linked to the mystery of the Callings in Manifest. For a long time now, the Flight 828 passengers have been aware of the fact that the phenomenon that took place in 2013 was not an isolated incident.

The divine consciousness, whose role in the story was finally confirmed in Manifest season 4, part 1, has been making people disappear for centuries. One of their biggest discoveries yet occurred in season 2 when the passengers found out that 16th-century explorer Al-Zuras and his crew went missing for ten years and mysteriously returned with the Callings and their own Death Date. Al-Zuras was a major addition to the Manifest mythos, but also an invention of the series, given that he never existed in real-life. However, not all of the past events connected to the Callings are fictional. Here’s four subjects from ancient history and the Bible with ties to the goings-on in Manifest.

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4 Noah’s Ark

Eureka’s research into the tailfin led to Saanvi and the others finding a connection between the Callings and Noah’s Ark. Apparently, a piece of driftwood spit out by a volcano contains traces of sapphire, the same substance found on every object that had disappeared up until that point. Based on this reveal, Noah’s Ark surviving 40 days and 40 nights during an apocalyptic flood that destroyed all of society was made possible by the divine consciousness in Manifest. It could be that Noah’s Ark secretly disappeared and returned for that length of time, not unlike the fates that befell Flight 828 in 2013 and Al-Zuras’ ship in the 16th century.

The show’s exploration of Noah’s Ark cleared up one of Manifest’s oldest mysteries. Since season 1, characters like Ben have been seeing visions of a peacock. The peacock is a symbol of resurrection, so these Callings may have been a hint that the passengers were resurrected by the divine consciousness, but it’s now likely that the particular peacock they saw actually shared their experiences. Peacock DNA was found on the piece of driftwood, which indicates that it and all the other animals aboard Noah’s Ark may be a part of the show’s overarching story. They, like the passengers and all the people on Al-Zuras’ ship, may have had Callings and Death Dates to deal with.

The circumstances behind the creation of Noah’s Ark make this Biblical event integral to Manifest’s story. As the passengers now know, their Death Date coincides with a volcanic apocalypse. They didn’t know just how huge the stakes were until late in Manifest season 4, part 1, but the link to Noah’s Ark should have served as early clue. From the looks of things, the efforts of the Flight 828 passengers to avert the world-ending eruption of Mount Ararat is a modern-day repeat of Noah’s Ark being forced to endure the Great Flood.

3 The Ten Commandments

Olive Stone in Manifest

It would seem that in the world of Manifest, the Biblical story of Moses is also related to the source of the Callings. As Olive noted, the Bible says Moses was standing on a pavement of sapphire when God gave him the tablets transcribed with the Ten Commandments. Olive believes that “communication with the divine” is triggered by the presence of sapphire, meaning that standing on it was what enabled Moses to actually speak with God on Mount Sinai. This tracks with what Saanvi and Dr. Gupta said in Manifest season 3 regarding sapphire being the “signature” of a divine entity.

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Later, Olive mentioned the works of Moses as an example of what the passengers might be capable of if they’re able to get their hands on an Omega Sapphire. What this implies is that the powers displayed by Moses when he was trying to convince Ramses to let the slaves go were actually abilities given to him by an Omega Sapphire. That could include the moment where he parted the Red Sea.

2 Oracle of Delphi

Manifest Season 4 Saanvi Michaela Eagan

Moses isn’t the only prophet who seemingly possessed an Omega Sapphire. Olive’s research points to the Oracle of Delphi having one as well. Having lived in ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi (also known as the Pythia) was a priestess of Apollo, the Greek god of music. In a place called Delphi, the Pythia served as a fortune teller at a shrine found at the Temple of Apollo. People would visit the shrine to ask the Pythia questions about their fates. It was believed that the Pythia had mystical abilities that she could use to predict what the future would bring.

Manifest season 4 asserts that the Oracle of Delphi’s capabilities stemmed from one of the seven Omega Sapphires. Olive told TJ that it granted her “untold powers.” The extent of these powers is unknown, but it may be that her visions were Callings she created by controlling its divine essence. What Olive learned about the Oracle of Delphi helped the passengers develop an understanding of Angelina’s ability to manifest her own Callings with the Omega Sapphire she stole from Eagan.

1 King Tutankhamun

King Tutankhamun

Manifest quietly linked the Callings to an important figure in ancient history. When Olive was discussing the origins of the Omega Sapphires with Matt Long’s Zeke, she mentioned that they supposedly originated from a quarry in Egypt. She didn’t go into details, but an article on her computer screen allowed for some interesting insight into their historical roots. According to this article, one of the Omega Sapphires was sought after by King Tutankhamun. Due to his tomb being found completely intact in the early 20th century, Tutankhamun is the most well-known pharaoh and a figure of massive importance in Egyptian history.

What was uncovered in his tomb helped historians realize long ago that Tutankhamun was worshipped like a god by the people of Egypt. In Manifest, it appears that Tutankhamun was interested in truly becoming a god-like being. The article notes that the pharaoh somehow came to the conclusion that God (Manifest’sdivine consciousness) put a “precious stone” under the Nile Valley for the purpose of allowing humans to find it. It was for this reason that Tutankhamun created a quarry in the Nile Valley. His intention was for his workers to unearth the Omega Sapphire, but it was ultimately never found during his reign.

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