Even though Iron Man is known for his increasingly powerful suits of armor, with one of his most iconically-strong being the Hulkbuster Armor, his are nothing compared to one suit built on-the-fly by Magneto–a suit akin to Iron Man’s Hulkbuster that Magneto used to ‘bust’ Apocalypse himself.

Tony Stark became Iron Man after surviving the traumatic experience of being a prisoner of war. Using his mechanical and technological genius, Stark essentially used scraps from bombs and missiles to build himself a suit of armor, which he then used to escape his imprisonment. From that point forward, Stark decided he would use his brilliance and his resources to build suits that give him the power to be a superhero–though not just any superhero, the best superhero. To do that, he had to create armor that was stronger than other superheroes on Earth, starting with the one who consistently teetered on the edge of uncontrollable villainy: the Hulk. While the Hulk was a founding member of the Avengers and a proven hero in the face of global calamity, he was still a liability. So, Iron Man created the Hulkbuster Armor–a suit that matched the Hulk’s size and a portion of his strength. Overall, the armor is very impressive, but it simply can’t compare with the suit Magneto made to kill Apocalypse (for more reasons than one).

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Magneto’s Apocalypse-Buster Armor is Made From Celestial Tech

magneto apocalypse-buster armor

In X-Men Omega by Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid, and Roger Cruz, Magneto has been captured by Apocalypse and is being held in the villain’s citadel located in the heart of New York City. This takes place during the Age of Apocalypse, which means that the pressure for Magneto to defeat Apocalypse was immense, as the fate of the entire world quite literally depended on it. After Magneto escaped his confinement, he ripped Apocalypse’s citadel apart–a portion of it built from the Celestial technology Apocalypse discovered in his past–and crafted an Iron Man-level suit with his mind, wrapping himself in the fully-operation alien technology. With this suit, Magneto was able to go blow-for-blow with Apocalypse–weakening the god-tier mutant enough to literally rip him in half.

Magneto sits in a throne

Apocalypse is arguably the most powerful mutant on Earth, and the Celestial technology he merged with thousands of years ago was a big reason as to why. So, when Magneto used that technology for himself (and unwittingly, at that, since Magneto just wanted to craft some quick makeshift armor) he made himself a match for someone proved strong enough to go toe-to-toe with literal gods–and then defeat that person in one-on-one battle. When comparing this suit to Iron Man’s Hulkbuster Armor, there really isn’t a comparison at all, as not only is Magneto’s version a stronger suit, but he made it in a matter of seconds, and with his mind–making it all-around more impressive, from its creation to its immeasurable success in battle.

The Hulkbuster Armor is impressive, to be sure, but more often than not, the Hulkbuster can’t match the power of the Hulk and is usually crushed by the Green Goliath. So, while the two suits of armor may look similar and are used for a similar purpose (that purpose being to ‘bust’ one specific enemy), Magneto’s Apocalypse-buster armor is just infinitely better than Iron Man’s Hulkbuster in every conceivable way.

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