While it looks like Married at First Sight star Johnny Lam seems to have found love again, fans of the show think that he is far from ready for it. Back in season 13, Johnny’s relationship with Bao Huong Hoang was nothing short of tumultuous. While they have both gone their separate ways, fans of the show seem to have a hard time believing that he has changed since then.

The series has a relatively high divorce rate, with many cast members finding love after their season ends. This certainly seems to apply to Johnny and Bao as well. Bao dated cast mate Zach Freeman shortly after the show, but their relationship ended abruptly. Now, Johnny has taken to Instagram to show off his new relationship. While he looks happy now, fans of the show are having a hard time letting go of his reality TV persona. They repeatedly called out Johnny for the way he treated Bao during their time on the show.

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Fans Slam MAFS’ Johnny Lam For Being Troubled

In a thread by u/tsfliss16, fans discussed Johnny’s new relationship. “From his IG account it looks like he’s dating somebody…anybody can change but I hope that she’s done her research because he was straight trash on MAFS. Literally seemed like he was throwing a tantrum for 8 straight weeks because he wasn’t matched with some hot, young, submissive wife. Dude clearly had issues and was not ready to be in a serious relationship, let alone marriage,” they wrote. What Johnny expected from Bao, and his critical attitude towards her, made him unlikeable.

Fans Aren’t Sure If Johnny Lam Has Changed After MAFS

Johnny and Bao’s short-lived marriage was filled with tension. While a few fans noted that Bao did have a hand in their relationship failing, many agreed that Johnny’s “toxic” and “constant gaslighting” played a larger role. Some fans believe that it was likely he changed since his run on the show, as one wrote, “Let him live? Damn. Imagine if we were all judged for the rest of our lives based on 8 weeks of heavily contrived and edited footage. We can hope that’s he’s grown based on what we saw but we can’t assume we know him as a person then and especially not now.” Even though Johnny constantly put Bao down on the show, some commenters did acknowledge that there is no way of knowing if he has changed, for better or worse.

At the moment, it looks like Johnny’s time on Married at First Sight continues to haunt him, as fans still perceive him as the person that he was during season 13. He claimed that appearing on reality TV made scrutiny and criticism inescapable. However, if his social media is anything to go by, it’s clear that he’s certainly making the most of his life, regardless of what people have to say.

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