M3GAN goes on an even bloodier and more vengeful rampage in clips from the upcoming unrated version of the smash hit killer doll horror film.

M3GAN gets even bloodier and more vengeful in clips from the new unrated version of the horror hit. Killer doll horror got a new icon earlier this year when the robotic M3GAN made her way to movie screens, immediately spawning a cascade of social media buzz, not to mention box office money. Now M3GAN is set to get even more extreme, as the film releases an unrated cut on digital via Peacock.

Ahead of M3GAN the unrated cut’s arrival, the film has dropped a couple of clips previewing the increased gore factor of the new version, along with a cute new trailer (via M3GAN/Twitter).


The two shared clips are very brief, but when compared to the relatively tame theatrical version, they definitely demonstrate that the unrated version will be somewhat bloodier and perhaps more terrifying.

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How Much Gorier Will The Unrated Version of M3GAN Really Be

Megan looking sinisterly in M3GAN

The two M3GAN clips shown above are not a lot different from the theatrical versions, but they do demonstrate how the film’s gore was trimmed to achieve a PG-13 rating. In the first clip, M3GAN is shown ripping the ear off the bullying kid Brandon (who later meets a truly terrible fate), and there’s a gross close-up of the ear actually being torn away, something that is not seen in the theatrical version. In the second clip, M3GAN is seen power-washing the face of evil neighbor Celia, and the unrated version shows her cheek ripping open, while the PG-13 M3GAN cuts away before flesh actually tears.

Whether the unrated version of M3GAN features even more extreme moments than these remains to be seen. However, the film’s screenwriter Akela Cooper did say that the original script was way gorier than the movie, though she also indicated that some of the worst kills in the script were never filmed, because producer James Wan wanted to keep the characters alive.

So it seems that fans can expect a somewhat gorier experience with the unrated version of M3GAN, though perhaps they should manage their expectations a little, as it seems the truly gnarly version of the movie that Cooper originally conceived, never actually was shot. M3GAN the unrated cut hits digital on February 24 and Blu-ray on March 21.

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