Fans of One Piece are getting treated to one of the series’ coolest moments as Luffy and Zoro fight shoulder to shoulder with CP0’s Lucci and Kaku.

Warning: SPOILERS for chapter #1075 of One PieceLuffy and Zoro are forced to do the unthinkable in One Piece and ally with some of their fiercest enemies, Lucci and Kaku from CP0, in order to defeat the Seraphim, the cyborg clones created by Dr. Vegapunk, hailed as “the strongest creatures in the world”.

Chapter #1075 of One Piece surprises fans by completely changing the outlook of the Straw Hats’ escape from Egghead Island. With the original Vegapunk disappearing, Luffy and his friends are stuck looking for the genius scientist, when the worst possible development happens. The Seraphim turn against the Straw Hats and the Vegapunk clones, and to hold off the powerful clones of Bartholomew Kuma and Mihawk, S-Bear and S-Hawk, Luffy and Zoro are forced to ally themselves with their bitter enemies, Lucci and Kaku.


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Even Luffy And Zoro Need Help Against The Seraphim

luffy and zoro ally with lucci and kaku in one piece

Surprisingly enough, the Seraphim actually went after the two CP0 agents, who had been restrained after Stussy’s betrayal. Zoro jumped in to protect them because, even if they are enemies, the swordsman’s honor would not let him watch while two handcuffed and powerless men are killed before his eyes. Lucci and Kaku are quick to assess the situation, and they propose an alliance, to which Luffy and Zoro react with hilarious disgust. It’s not clear if the two Straw Hats will relent and free their former enemies in the next chapter, but this seems to be the best option considering how strong the Seraphim are.

Lucci and Kaku were Luffy and Zoro’s bitter enemies during the Enies Lobby arc. The Straw Hats invaded one of the World Government’s most secure strongholds to free their companion, Nico Robin, but they had to go through the CP9 agents first. Lucci and Kaku were the two strongest in the group, and their one-on-one fights against Luffy and Zoro made for some of the most epic moments in the entire arc. Since then, Lucci and Kaku climbed the ranks of the World Government, becoming members of CP0, and gained a huge power-up in the form of the awakening of their Devil Fruit. Even this, however, could not be enough in the face of the Seraphim’s overwhelming strength and abilities.

It remains to be seen if this unlikely alliance will actually take place, or if Lucci and Kaku will betray Luffy and Zoro as soon as they get out of their Seastone handcuffs. If the unexpected team-up really happens, however, fans of One Piece will get treated to one of the most memorable moments in the series, with Luffy and Zoro fighting shoulder to shoulder with some of their oldest and bitter enemies.

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