On Love Island, Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb hit it off, but Moira has confirmed that they split. She’s letting fans what happened between them.

Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb hit it off on Love Island: USA season 2, and it’s time to talk about why she’s revealing details about their split. Two months after the finale of the show, Moira confirmed that they broke up. There are good reasons why she publicly opened up about what happened between them.

On Love Island: USA season 2, Moira and Calvin met on the second week of the show. They coupled up after Moira’s blowout argument with James McCool. They stayed together for a little while, and then split during Casa Amor. However, it wasn’t long before they found their way back to each other. After they re-coupled, they decided to dedicate their time to each other, and made it to the finale, where they finished third. They posted some sweet photos together after being let loose in Las Vegas, but the couple was quiet afterward. Love Island’s Moira Tunas announced on her Instagram Story in November 2020 that she was officially single.


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Love Island’s Moira Said She & Calvin Had To Move On

Moira spoke to People about the split. “It was neither of our faults, life just got in the way,” she said, “I thought we might be able to make something happen, but we just had to make a realistic decision and move forward.” Moira cited distance as a major factor in their decision. She lives in Florida and Calvin lives in Texas, and with the pandemic, it was very hard to travel. “The time we had in the villa really wasn’t long enough,” she told People. Calvin and Moira’s split during Casa Amor contributed to them not having as much time together as the other couples in the finale.

Love Island’s Moira Sees A Bright Future Ahead

Calvin Cobb and Moira Tumas: Love Island smiling together in casa

However, Moira is optimistic that what she learned from Love Island will help her find love. “It definitely helped me to figure out the qualities I need to look for in a man–and more importantly deserve,” she said of the experience. “I wouldn’t take back all of the amazing moments, friendships, butterflies, and experiences that I had in the villa.” Moira continued, “I know that the right person is out there for me. I can’t wait to meet him.” She’s also still open to finding love on television. “Bachelor Nation maybe? That would be a dream! Just put me in a room with 20 guys who can’t run away,” she joked.

Moira wasn’t the only woman who had trouble finding a lasting relationship on Love Island: USA season 2. As of 2023, none of the couples from the show are still together, including the top 4. Although their relationship didn’t go according to plan, Moira and Calvin are both doing well and posting frequently on social media. Moira’s YouTube channel hasn’t been updated in quite a while, but she’s clearly busy with other ventures, as is Calvin. They’ve both pursued careers in modeling, and Calvin is even available on Cameo. so it’s possible to get a personalized message from the Love Island: USA star.

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