• Couples like Bergie and Taylor S. should stay together, as their relationship has been moving smoothly and their connection seems genuine.
  • Mike and Hannah O. should consider breaking up, as their connection isn’t very strong and they may benefit from exploring other options.
  • Keenan and Kay Kay should stay broken up, as their relationship has been hitting speed bumps and Kay Kay should see what else the villa can offer her.

Love Island USA season 5 has been moving quickly, and after Casa Amor week changed things for the Islanders forever, it’s time to take a look at who should stay together and who should break up. With Love Island USA season 5 moving toward the end of the season, the couples are beginning to take a serious look at what their long-term plans are like moving away from the villa and back into the real world. With couples like Keenan Anunay and Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray getting destroyed by the Casa Amor twist, things have changed dramatically in the house since day 1.

Though many couples have shifted after Love Island USA season 5’s Casa Amor week, some have stayed true to their partners and are trying to make their relationships work. For couples like Marco Donatelli and Hannah Wright, Love Island USA may have introduced them to a lifetime of love. For others, like Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen who has been coupled up with several women throughout his time in the villa, Love Island USA may not prove as fruitful. Either way, there are some couples who should continue to see where their connections go while others should end things and move on.

Stay Together: Bergie & Taylor S.

Taylor S. & Bergie Love Island USA

Although Bergie has been in several relationships during his time on Love Island USA, his connection with Taylor Smith has been one he’s held onto longer than others. After meeting Taylor during Casa Amor week, Bergie quickly expressed his attraction to her and made it clear he was interested. Their relationship has been moving along smoothly, meaning it makes sense for the couple to stay together

Break Up: Mike & Hannah O.

Hannah Ortega, Marco Donatelli Love Island

Hannah Ortega was invited to Love Island USA season 5 as one of the Casa Amor additions but with some ulterior motives. In order to shake things up, the series invited Hannah knowing she was an ex of Marco and tried to see if the pair would reconnect. Though Marco chose to stay with his original partner, Hannah was able to make a connection with Mike Stark. Still, the connection isn’t all that strong and it’s more likely than not that this pair would benefit from a breakup.

Stay Together: Kenzo & Carmen

Kenzo Nudo and Carmen Kocourek’s connection felt instantaneous when he entered the villa with fellow bombshells Jonah Allman and Emily Chavez on day 10, and the pair has been close ever since. After coupling up quickly, the pair chose to stay bound to one another throughout Casa Amor week, and were thrilled to see each other once the twist was over. Now that they’ve defined their relationship, it’s easy to see this couple should stay together in the long run.

Break Up: Zay & Destiny

Destiny Davis Zay Harayda Love Island USA Season 5

Although Destiny Davis has been through the wringer with her matches on Love Island USA, settling down with Isiah “Zay” Harayda may not be the magic she’s looking for. With Destiny having paired up with three other guys during her time on Love Island USA season 5, it’s clear that she’s hoping to find a solid match as she moves through the series. While her relationship with Zay is sweet, this couple should cut their losses and search for love outside the villa, where their luck may be different.

Stay Together: Kyle & Imani

Though Imani Wheeler and Kyle Darden are a newer pairing, the Casa Amor match seems like the first positive experience on Love Island USA for both of them. After meeting and pairing up, the couple seemed to find some common ground as they’ve gotten to know each other. Imani and Kyle should have the opportunity to continue exploring their connection and should stay together on Love Island USA season 5.

Break Up: Leonardo & Johnnie

Love Island USA Leonardo

Although the match seemed like a good one throughout their time together during Casa Amor week, Leonardo Dionicio and Johnnie Garcia’s relationship has been built on some tension. With Leonardo having been on and off with Kassy Castillo throughout his time on Love Island USA, his connection with Johnnie already has a shaky foundation. Though the couple seems to like getting to know one another, it’s likely better for them to break up than for them to stay together throughout the rest of Love Island USA season 5.

Stay Together: Marco & Hannah W.

marco hannah love island montage heart background

As one of the longest-standing couples in the Love Island USA season 5 villa, Marco and Hannah have been a great match on the series. Though both felt some temptation during Casa Amor week, especially with Marco’s ex in the picture, but they stayed true to one another and ended up staying together despite the week of distance. Marco and Hannah should stay together because it seems like this Love Island USA couple is in it for the long haul.

Break Up: Jonah & Taylor C.

Jonah Allman Taylor Chemlka Love Island USA Season 5

Unfortunately for Jonah, his connection with Taylor Chemlka hasn’t had much time to marinate for either himself or his partner. While their match seems like it could work in the future, it’s possible that there simply isn’t enough time on Love Island USA for the couple to figure things out. While they could stay together and try their hand and keeping the connection alive, it seems better for the couple to split up.

Stay Together: Matia & Kassy

Although Kassy was originally with Leonardo, her relationship with Matia Marcantuoni were quick to connect during Casa Amor week. The pair were interested in each other and wound up deciding to get together, with Kassy heading back to the villa in order to get out of her relationship with Leonardo, bringing Matia with her. This couple may be new, but their connection seems deep and they should continue to get to know each other on Love Island USA season 5.

Break Up: Keenan & Kay Kay

Love Island Season 5's Keenan looking shocked & Kay Kay smiling

Although Keenan and Kay Kay have been together from the earliest days of Love Island USA season 5, their relationship has been hitting speed bumps as they’ve moved through the process. Casa Amor week was devastating to Kay Kay, who came back to the villa and decided to stay single. Keenan has been trying to win Kay Kay back, and though it seems like a possibility, Kay Kay should stay broken up with her Love Island USA season 5 partner and see what else the villa can do for her.

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