• Hannah Ortega is 22 years old, a NYU graduate, and a travel enthusiast who has been to many countries.
  • It is unclear what Hannah’s career is, but she may receive modeling and influencing contracts after Love Island USA.
  • Hannah can be found on Instagram at @hannahortega_, where she posts pictures of her travels and her dog Lola.

Love Island USA season 5 has entered the Casa Amor phase, and Hannah Ortega was a bombshell dropped in more ways than one. Marco Donatelli, a day 1 islander on season 5, has been paired with Hannah Wright for more than a few episodes. However, fans were unimpressed when Love Island USA introduced Marco’s ex. Love Island USA season 5’s finale is still a few episodes away, so plenty could happen.

Hannah W. hails from Palm Springs, California, and entered the island on day 2. She and Marco immediately connected and have been pursuing a connection ever since. The pair is the closest to a relationship as any connections on the island, as they agreed to close their relationship as the girls headed off to Casa Amor. While Marco remained loyal to Hannah W., an unexpected twist occurred when he was reunited not with Hannah W. but with his ex, Hannah O. Here’s everything to know about Marco’s attractive ex.

Hannah Ortega’s Age

Hannah is 22 years old and graduated from New York University. She appears to be a travel enthusiast who doesn’t stay in one place for long, having traveled to Italy, Paris, Istanbul, California, Greece, India, and Egypt. She also studied abroad in Madrid, Spain.

Hannah Ortega’s Job

Little is known about Hannah’s career. She appears to have recently graduated and travels a lot, so she enjoys her 20s. After appearing on Love Island USA, she may receive modeling and influencing contracts. For now, the adventurer is just living life.

Hannah Ortega’s Instagram

Hannah can be found on Instagram at @hannahortega_. According to her bio, her account is managed by @dellykandrea and @brookeortegaa. While the former’s relationship with Hannah is unclear, Brooke is undoubtedly Hannah’s sister. Hannah’s feed is filled with photos of her travels, her adorable dog Lola, and pictures of friends.

Hannah Ortega’s Hometown

Hannah hails from Coral Springs, Florida, but she never seems to stay in one place for too long. The wanderlust has traveled immensely since leaving Florida and shows no signs of returning. Like most other parts of her life, her relationship with Marco was a whirlwind, leading him to conclude the pair had unfinished business. Whether Marco chooses free spirit Hannah O. or loyal Hannah W. remains to be seen, but Hannah O. is sure to stir the pot regardless of the outcome on Love Island USA.

Source: Hannah Ortega/Instagram

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