• Love Island USA faced a shocking elimination, causing devastation among the islanders and changing the dynamics of the villa.
  • The episode featured dramatic twists and turns, including self-eliminations, conflicts, and surprises, as the islanders navigated their relationships.
  • Viewers can watch Love Island USA season 5 on Peacock and catch the premiere episode for free on YouTube.

Love Island USA had a pretty shocking elimination, and nothing will be the same at the villa again. Things have been pretty chaotic at the villa since the islanders got back from Casa Amor. Just as things were settling down and islanders were forgiving their partners for their mistakes, they were informed a mass elimination was coming.

Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray forgave Keenan Anunay faster than she should have, and Kassy Castillo was starting to warm up to Leonardo Dionicio again too. However, the male Love Island USA season 5 contestants, along with Mike Stark and Isiah “Zay” Harayda, ended up in the bottom four. The results of the Love Island USA elimination were shocking, and the season won’t be the same again.

What Day & Time Is Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 29 On?

Zay and Destiny on Love Island USA

Love Island USA season 5, episode 28, premiered between 8:30 and 9:00 pm eastern on Friday night. The show airs from Thursday through Tuesday, with no new episodes on Wednesday night.

Love Island USA Season 5, Episode 29 Recap

Love Island Season 5's Keenan looking shocked & Kay Kay smiling

When the Love Island USA episode began, Keenan was shockingly announced as the islander with the least amount of votes and was immediately eliminated. Without hesitation, Kay Kay self-eliminated to be with him, and the islanders were devastated to see them both go. Next, Mike started some conflict with host Sarah Hyland claiming she was speaking disrespectfully to Keenan and Kay Kay. But he was soon eliminated, and Zay was safe. Taylor Chemlka was the second female islander to go home, and Jonah Allman also self-eliminated for her.

That meant Johnnie Garcia and Taylor Smith were both safe. The islanders gave each other a tearful goodbye and later chatted about the results. Bergie chatted with Taylor S about the elimination and said he doesn’t understand why Leo is still there. Meanwhile, Marco Donatelli and Hannah Wright spent time alone again, raving about how in love with each other they are. Destiny Davis chatted with Zay, and he said if he had gone home, he would have regretted not getting to know other islanders in the villa. This set Destiny off again. Then Zay confided in Matia Marcantuoni while Destiny chatted with Imani Wheeler about the situation.

Later, Kassy admitted the door is closed for her and Leo, but Zay observed that Leo is still trying everything to win her back. However, while Kassy said she’s ready to focus just on Matia, he said he feels like she’s made him a second option. This caused him to speak to Johnnie, letting her know he’s done with Kassy and is going to tell her and Leo soon. He also said he intends to get to know Johnnie, but she thinks he should officially close things off with Kassy first so she doesn’t end up in another love triangle. At the same time, Leo chatted with Marco, Hannah, and Kenzo Ludo about a date night plan to win Kassy back.

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Meanwhile, Johnnie informed Kassy about what Matia had told her, and she felt hurt since they had kissed in bed the night before. Zay apologized to Destiny for his bad communication, but the two still aren’t on the best of terms. Next, the islanders participated in a football challenge, and during the game, Matia decided to get revenge on Leo by kissing Johnnie. Unfortunately, he ended up hurting Kassy, and Leo didn’t care because he was already over Johnnie by then. Kyle also chose to kiss Johnnie, and Imani saw it as further proof why they shouldn’t be together. Leo kissed Kassy, and she seemed happy about it but later said it doesn’t count as effort because it was just a game.

The female islanders got to choose who won the challenge, and they went with Carston “Bergie” Bergersen. Back at the villa, Matia chatted with Leo about the Kassy situation, and the female islanders said the male islanders were treating Kassy like an object. Kassy then called Matia out for not talking to her about the situation before going to Johnnie and Leo. Matia told her he thought it was best if they ended things. Kassy informed Leo that things with Matia were over, and he prepared his surprise date night for her with help from Marco, Hannah, and Kenzo.

Unfortunately, as he was preparing, Kassy received a text telling her to sneak out of the villa and tell no one because she was going on a date with a new bombshell. The bombshell turned out to be Scott van-der-Sluis from Love Island UK season 10. Kassy immediately recognized him and was excited to get to know him better. Kassy and Scott discussed what they’re looking for in a partner, and Kassy filled him in on her current situation, saying things between her and Leo were done. Meanwhile, at the villa, Leo was informed Kassy wasn’t there, and no one knew where she went.

Where Can I Watch Love Island USA Online?

Montage of Sarah Hyland in front of Love Island USA season 5 cast

Love Island USA season 5 is available to stream on Peacock, along with Love Island USA season 4. The premiere episode of Love Island USA season 5 is also available to watch for free on YouTube.

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