• Love Island UK season 4 couples have mostly broken up, with only a few exceptions. Some relationships ended quickly, while others found love in unexpected places.
  • Jack and Dani, the winning couple, broke up after a nine-month romance. They are now both pursuing careers outside of reality television and have children from other relationships.
  • Other notable breakups include Josh D. and Kaz, Wes and Megan, Alex G. and Alexandra, and Sam and Georgia. These couples have moved on with their lives and are pursuing various careers and personal projects.

Love Island UK season 10 premiered in June 2023, so there’s renewed curiosity about which couples from previous seasons have stayed together, including season 4. With a desire for more drama in the villa, ITV has delivered a new cast that has the internet buzzing with scandals, makeups, and break-ups. However, audiences are wondering how previous contestants have fared in their relationships.

Over five years have passed since the Love Island UK season 4 cast stepped out of the villa to see if they could make their relationships last in the real world. While most Love Island couples aren’t together in 2023, some could make their relationships work. For some, their love story ended just as quickly as it started, but others found love in unexpected places.

Jack and Dani – Broken Up

Dani and Jack Love Island

As the winning couple of Love Island season 4, it seemed that Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer were set for happily ever after, but after a nine-month romance and a reality show chronicling their love after the show, the pair called it quits. Jack appeared on Celebs Go Dating, revealing that he felt the couple rushed into things, leading to them breaking up, according to Hello Magazine. Dani and Jack have since welcomed children; Jack has a daughter and Dani has a son, and both are pursuing careers outside of reality television.

Paul and Laura A. – Broken Up

Laura A and Paul Love Island Season 4

As the runners-up of Love Island UK season 4, there was hope Laura Anderson and Paul Knops were the perfect match. Laura told Cosmopolitan UK that there was no dramatic reason for the pair to break things off; they didn’t find time for one another in their lives. Today, Laura works as a television personality and CEO of her extension company. She’s also pregnant with her first child with Gary Lucy, who broke up with her during her pregnancy. Conversely, Paul is living the single life and regularly wears his hair in a man bun.

Josh D. and Kaz – Broken Up

Josh and Kaz Love Island Season 4 Looking Confused

Josh Denzel and Kaz Crossley are no longer together, and the break-up wasn’t amicable. As reported by Capital FM, the couple was publicly feuding after they broke up, and a month later, Kaz had moved on with fellow Love Island alum Theo Campbell from the previous season. The former couple has moved on with their lives, with Josh dating model Ruby Wong. Kaz is single, but has found love in her work in Thailand. She’s working to better the lives of children through combat sports.

Wes and Megan – Broken Up

Wes and Megan Love Island Season 4 Smiling For Cameras

Money plays a significant role in relationships, especially early on, and in the case of Wes Nelson and Megan Barton-Hanson, it drove the pair apart (per Daily Mail UK). With the pair finishing fourth, there were high hopes for the couple, but their differences pulled them in opposite directions once they were outside the villa.

Wes had a highly publicized romance with Australian model Lucciana Beynon, but according to the The Sun UK, they split at the beginning of 2022. He has since focused on his music career. Megan has begun a successful career as an OnlyFans model and is dating Joel Maguire.

Alex G. and Alexandra – Broken Up

Cropped Alexandra and Alex G Love Island Season 4 Promo Photo

As the Daily Mail UK reported, Alex George dumped Alexandra Louise Cane just before the finals, where the two may have had a shot at winning the grand prize. Since then, the pair have remained split up, have no plans of getting back together, and are pursuing projects outside the show.

Alex has written a children’s book and is now the UK Mental Health Ambassador. On the other hand, Alexandra has left fans wondering where she is now that Love IslandUK season 4 is over since her Instagram is bare. As reported by The Scottish Sun, Alexandra is working to become a trauma healer and has shared no updates on her relationship status.

Jack and Laura C. – Broken Up

Jack and Laura C Love Island Season 4 Promo Photo Cropped

Laura Crane and Jack Fowler may not have made it to the finals, but like their cast mates, their romance didn’t survive outside the villa. Cosmopolitan UK reported the pair had amicably split due to not being able to spend much time together after the show. Laura was in a new relationship, but kept the details of her romance private. She currently travels the world as a professional surfer. Jack is happily single and pursuing a DJ career, which has allowed him to travel and party more than ever.

Stephanie and Josh M. – Never A Couple

Split Image Stephanie and Josh Love Island Season 4

The Sun UK reported that after Stephanie Lam and Josh Mair were dumped from the villa after the public named them their least favorite couple, the pair decided they were better off as friends and never had romantic feelings for one another. Josh is still single but has begun pursuing a fitness model career, and Stephanie is also single and modeling.

Sam and Georgia – Broken Up

Georgia and Sam Love Island Season 4 Looking at Each Other

As reported by Cosmopolitan UK, Georgia Steel and Sam Bird only lasted three months after they were dumped from the villa and announced their split on social media. The news outlet also reported that Georgia hadn’t cheated, despite rumors of her being involved with a management team member. Georgia is single and has been working as an influencer since being on the show. Sam revealed in an Instagram post that he eloped earlier in the year and is happily married.

Charlie B. and Ellie B. – Broken Up

Charlie B and Ellie B Love Island Season 4 Smile For Cameras

Ellie Brown and Charlie Brake broke up after leaving the villa, but were reunited in 2020 when they both appeared on Ex On The Beach. While the show usually causes fights between former flames, Ellie and Charlie were able to reconcile in terms of who was at fault in their relationship. They also got closure about their romance being over for good (per Metro UK).

Frankie and Samira – Broken Up

Frankie and Samira Love Island Season 4 sitting on the couch

When Samira Mighty walked from the villa to be with Frankie Foster after he was dumped on Love Island UK, it seemed that the pair were off to a good start with their relationship; however, this was short-lived. As reported by Cosmopolitan UK, Frankie was caught kissing another woman in public, and Samira called it quits shortly after. Samira is single and focused on making it big in the music industry in the UK, and the same can be said for Frankie, minus the music career.

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