Shaina Hurley admits her friends are interested in her Love Is Blind season 2 co-star Shayne Jansen, and she wants to do something about it.

Shaina Hurley and Shayne Jansen are both Love Is Blind season 2 alums who have stayed friends, and Shaina wants to do him a favor by setting him up with one of her friends. Shaina and Shayne were introduced to each other in the pods during Love Is Blind season 2, where they established a connection that they almost pursued. Shaina ended up accepting a proposal from Kyle Abrams, and Shayne proposed to Natalie Lee, but their relationship didn’t end there. The two stayed in contact with one another following the end of filming and have since been open about it. Their relationship is nothing more than platonic, as Shaina has since gone on to marry someone else who was not on Love Is Blind.


Love Is Blind season 2 alum Shaina recently sat down with Distractify, where she went into detail about how her friends are interested in Shayne. She said not that she has “tons of friends” who are interested in pursuing her dear friend Shayne. Although she made it known that she has several friends who would “love to go out on a date” with Shayne, she added that he hasn’t necessarily reciprocated the interest. Shaina revealed that her Love Is Blind co-star is currently embracing the single life and putting himself first but added that he isn’t opposed to dating. “When the right woman comes along, I think he’ll be open to it,” she noted.

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Shaina & Shayne Dating Rumors Spread After Love Is Blind Season 2

Shaina Hurley laughing on Love Is Blind season 2 in the pods

Shaina and Shayne are now good friends, but following Love Is Blind season 2, there was speculation that Shaina influenced Shayne’s split from Natalie. This didn’t come without reason, as Shaina was clearly still hung up on the connection she had with Shayne from the pods, despite the two being engaged to other people. Prior to Natalie deciding not to marry Shayne on their wedding day, Shaina could be seen several times trying to poke at their relationship. Because Natalie was otherwise expected to say “yes” at the altar, it was assumed there was more to Shayne and Shaina’s friendship. Following the official end of Love Is Blind season 2 and After The Altar, Shaina and Shayne maintained a friendship openly, with the latter putting an end to the rumors himself with an announcement on social media.

Further clarification that the Love Is Blind co-stars were maintaining nothing but a platonic relationship came when Shaina began dating her now-husband Christos Lardakis. Shayne has owned his single status for quite some time since he and Natalie ended things, but Shaina clearly has some ideas for him. Shayne recently filmed Netflix’s new dating show Perfect Match, but if he doesn’t find love on this second run at a dating show, then at least he’s been made aware of Shaina’s friends’ interest in him. It is often successful when someone is set up with a friend of a friend, so maybe when Shayne is ready, this could be good for him. As Shaina said, Shayne is currently focused on himself, but whether it’s blind or not, he deserves the love he has been seeking.

Shaina and Shayne share genuine compatibility as friends, which makes it more likely for him to entertain the idea of being set up with someone. The two had a strong connection in the pods, so Shaina has an idea of what Shayne is looking for and what kind of person he is. As of right now, Shayne appears to be single and ready to mingle, but clarification will come when Perfect Match season 1 ends. Both Shaina and Shayne alike did not leave Love Is Blind with a lifelong partner as intended, but it is nice to see that they did walk out of it with new friends.

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