Bartise Bowden was criticized for the way he treated his fiancé on Love Is Blind, and fans are acknowledging that history is repeating itself.

Love Is Blind season 3 alum Bartise Bowden faced negative comments from fans who are unhappy with the fact that hasn’t left his toxic behavior behind. Bartise connected with Nancy Rodriguez in the pods and proposed to her sight unseen. Throughout his engagement with Nancy, he repeatedly and openly discussed his lack of physical attraction to her, which is contrary to the premise of Love Is Blind. Nancy was understanding and received his concerns with grace, which made it all the more sad. When it came to their wedding day, Nancy agreed to marry him regardless, and Bartise was the one who said no.

Love Is Blind’s Bartise Bowden is getting slammed on Twitter for continuing his toxic behavior with another woman. In response to Bartise’s second go at a dating show Perfect Match, Twitter user @6foot1thighz wrote, “Bartise staying true to himself even on another Netflix show #PerfectMatch another year older and none the wiser or better of a person.”

Those familiar with Bartise from his appearance on Love Is Blind didn’t shy away from calling him out for replicating his treatment of Nancy. Another user, @JennyNguyenDon, addressed this head-on, saying, “Bartise telling cameras he doesn’t find Ines to be the most attractive in the house but having a strong emotional connection as if he didn’t say the exact same thing about Nancy.” The backlash from viewers clearly shows that his behavior on Perfect Match didn’t come as a surprise to them.

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Bartise Bowden Said He Wouldn’t Return To Reality TV After Love Is Blind

Bartise and Nancy smiling and holding hands on Love Is Blind

Bartise surprised Love Is Blind viewers with his announcement that he would be joining the cast of Perfect Match. That is because he previously stated that he would never appear on another reality TV show again. Bartise’s time on Perfect Match was short-lived, likely due to the repeated behavior that viewers are outlining. Not that a huge shift was expected of Bartise, but there was a slice of hope that maybe he was taking on the opportunity to right his wrongs. Perfect Match features a cast that all came from previous reality shows, and many of them entered with the intention of doing better this time around, but apparently not Bartise.

The way Bartise treated Nancy resulted in backlash, so he will likely be unsurprised to see that viewers are reacting the same way following his appearance on Perfect Match. Fans even labeled Bartise as the villain of Love Is Blind season 3. It begs the question as to why he agreed to appear on a dating show again if he didn’t intend on learning from his first try. Bartise’s first appearance was on a show that’s ultimately supposed to end in getting married to an individual that they make an initial commitment to even before seeing them. This makes it quite ironic that Bartise can be found superficially focusing on women’s physical appearances on both shows.

It wouldn’t be ridiculous to anticipate the continuation of Bartise’s reality TV personality, but for now, his stint on Perfect Match is over. The severe dislike of his behavior continues, and hopefully he takes what people are saying into consideration. He likely did have some genuine intentions to begin his journey on a show that ends in marriage. Bartise admitted to feeling embarrassed of his behavior on Love Is Blind, so that is to be noted as well. The second shot at love was unsuccessful for Bartise, but perhaps his continued fame, and subsequent backlash from viewers, will grant him some assistance.

Love Is Blind season 4 premieres March 24 on Netflix.

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