After The Altar was just released, but now Netflix is ready for Love Is Blind season 4, which debuts in March with the first five episodes.

One of Netflix’s most popular dating shows is returning, and the Love Is Blind season 4 premiere date has now been revealed. Love Is Blind has created a cult following on the streaming platform and has amassed an audience from all over the world. The show has also spawned international spin-offs that have been just as popular in their countries of origin. Love Is Blind has also created follow-up programs like After The Altar to get all the couples back together and possibly rehash some drama.


Netflix just announced the Love Is Blind season 4 premiere date, and E! News has some additional info on the return of the hit reality show. The first five episodes of Love Is Blind season 4 will drop March 24, with more episodes arriving weekly, culminating in the finale on April 14. Love Is Blind season 4 will take place in Seattle, as shown in a new teaser, courtesy of Netflix.

The teaser contains a montage of clips from other seasons, with voiceovers from fans watching Love Is Blind. The video then contains a little hint for what’s to come in Love Is Blind season 4 for fans.

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Love Is Blind Drama Continues On After The Altar

Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey from Love Is Blind season 3

The After The Altar special for Love Is Blind season 3 was recently released, and it was not without its own share of drama. First and foremost, the tension between cast members and former fiancés Cole and Zanab continued. The end of their relationship was tumultuous and challenging for Cole to understand. Love Is Blind fans taking sides in the breakup added to the tension that the pair still carries for each other. Their issues have also carried over to other couples in the group as some of them are taking sides now as well.

There is also the Raven and SK breakup, makeup, second engagement, and cheating scandal. Raven and SK got engaged during Love Is Blind season 3. They broke up at the altar but soon got back together to try again. During the recent After The Altar special, SK actually proposed to Raven again, and she said yes. Soon after, a short video showed Raven explaining that she and SK separated again. Raven further explained that SK cheated on her and lied to her, which caused their subsequent breakup.

Love Is Blind has brought the love and the drama during every single season. While the announcement of how soon Love Is Blind season 4 is returning may come as a bit of a surprise to fans, that is only due to timing. The idea of Love Is Blind season 4 is frankly not a shock to anyone. This quick return following After The Altar may actually be a good thing considering that fans are likely still in the mindset of the show. The most exciting part of a new Love Is Blind season is a whole new cast who can bring their love to fans’ screens.

Love Is Blind season 4 premieres March 24 on Netflix.

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