It appears that Internet sleuths learned something new about Love Is Blind star Kwame Appiah—he may be a serial applicant for reality dating shows. For the most part, Kwame has seemed very genuine during Love Is Blind season 4, except for his love triangle with Micah Lussier and Chelsea Griffin that existed in the pods. Despite being stuck between two women, Kwame’s intentions seemed accurate.

Reddit user lbj404 shared a TikTok video that someone posted, showing Love Is Blind‘s Kwame Appiah in a 2019 season of the show Married at First Sight as someone applying to be chosen. Kwame was shown as a part of the audition process that was aired at the beginning of the first episode. It is hard to say exactly what this says about Kwame as a person. On one hand, it could mean that he is willing to do absolutely anything to find love, or it means he is a serial applicant for these shows and just wants to be on television and get his 15 minutes of fame.


Kwame Accused Of Being On Love Is Blind For Fame

Kwame and Micah talking on Love Is Blind

While in the pods during Love Is Blind season 4, Kwame seemed to get himself into a bit of a love triangle. He was interested in both Micah and Chelsea, who were just as interested in him. At the end of their time in the pods, Micah chose Paul Peden, and Kwame chose to be with Chelsea. There was speculation over whether Kwame chose Chelsea, whom he was less interested in, just to stay on Love Is Blind. The speculation might have some merit, considering that viewers now know Kwame has been trying to be on a show like Love Is Blind for years.

The only person who knows Kwame’s true intentions on the show is Kwame himself. It is hard to say why he applied to be on Love Is Blind as this current season seems to have multiple people who joined more for fame than for love. Giving Kwame the benefit of the doubt, it is very possible that he wanted to be on any show in which he could to find love because of how he has struggled in the past. Knowing both of these shows are popular and have fairly large fan bases makes it a bit more questionable that Kwame was only looking for love.

As mentioned, there’s been lots of uncertainty during Love Is Blind season 4 over Kwame and his intentions based on his actions, and this new information only adds to that notion. Hopefully, he will soon come out and speak on this issue, giving his side of the story and why he acted the way he did. However, no matter what Kwame says, his actions might still speak louder than words, as he could always lie to save face.

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